Who the hell is Mr. Falcon?

So, I’m watching TV the other day. Die Hard 2. I can feel brain cells rotting away as I watch but what the hell; it’s my day off.

Besides … I kinda enjoy the Die Hard movies. Things blow up in them. That’s cool.

But this is on USA or FX or one of those other quasi-cable channels where they still have to bleep out all the naughties. Most of the time it’s innocuous; sometimes it gets downright funny (as in the time they showed “Fargo” and every time Steve Buscemi said the word “fucking” they replaced it with “frozen.” Gave a whole new level of meaning to the film.)

My favorite line from Die Hard 2 (and from the first one as well) is at the end when Bruce Willis is amazingly setting a plane on fire with a cigarette lighter (don’t try this at home, kids) and utters the immortal lines “Yippe Kai yay, Mother Fucker!”

Except he didn’t. He said “Yippe Kai yay, Mister Falcon!”

Mister Falcon???


Gah damn … I don’t really mind them replacing naughty words like that. God knows … we have to think of the children. But GEEZ … at least either bleep it out completely or have it at least have something to do with the actual PLOT!

Ruined the whole movie for me.

I want my eight dollars back.

Mister Falcon is the guy you have come across when you “find a stranger in the Alps!”

Okay so rather than wait here smug in my importantance from trivial knowlwdge refferencesand wait for someone to beg for the reference I’ll give it now :cool:

When they showed Big Lebowski on TV the changed John Goodman’s immortal and stirring “This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass speech” to “This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps”. Topping the alltime WTF TV dubs of all time list.

I believe it was the code name for the major bad guy - he’d say into the walkie talkies “this is Falcon”. though how Bruce’s character would have known that is beyond me

He gave Harvey Birdman some grief.

My favorite is the TV cut of the Bill Murray/Geena Davis movie Quick Change, in which every instance of the word “fucking” is replaced with “viking.” And every instance of “mother fucker” is replaced with “melon farmer.”

You’re all just a bunch of viking melon farmers, as far as I’m concerned.

It was even worse in Johnny Dangerously. They took a pivitol scene from a central character in the movie and make him say things like “you fargin icehole,” and “why you miserable son-a-ma batches cork-sucker!”


WTF? That started out life as a capital D.

They used melon farmer for motherfucker in the ‘Repo Man’ tv edit too. Have to say, it fit the surreal flavor of the movie, though.

Ah, but Quick Change is a clever reference to that seminal work, Repo Man. Also Melon Farmer.

Don’t be dragging a circumcision debate into this thread.

I tried, but in the edit it came out “circus mission.”

My all-time favorite was Casino on the USA Network. They used “freak” instead of “fuck.” For the duration of the movie.

Made for some entertaining scenes, as when Sharon Stone storms out of the house yelling “Freak you, you freakin mother freaker!!!

That was part of the original movie – the broken-English-speaking Moroni twisted words into dirty-sounding but G-rated epithets.

They joked about it in the scene where the young Johnny helped Jocko’s gang rob Moroni’s nightclub: after Moroni delivered them a ‘nasty’ pre-emptive tongue-lashing, Peter Boyle (or maybe it was Dick Butkus) remarked, “Listen to the mouth on that guy!”

(Later in the movie, Johnny narrated the gang wars by noting that Moroni “continued to murder the English langauge, and anyone who got in his way”).

Whoosh! :smiley:

OK, OK, I assumed that if a person saw the movie on TV, they coulda gotten that impression.

(And FWIW, it was “Moronie.” As opposed to the angel Moroni.)

I can’t believe that networks/movie makers/whoever think that having stuff like the examples in this thread is preferable to just bleeping.

I love the Mister Falcon line. I saw it on CBS years ago. What really cracked me up was how much deeper his voice got on the redub. It sounded like they had Ving Rhames come in and do it.

Yippee kai yai Mister Falcon.

It was very intentional. Alex Cox the director and some of his team came up these silly expressions as they knew the original cut would not make it onto TV/Planes etc.