¿Who wants a free burned CD?

I am bored, and I have a ton of CDRW’s lying around and I am a kind person.
I will choose a random number and whichever post number wins, gets it. (So, if you are post number 5 and I randomly pick the number 5, you win).

So here’s how it’s going to be. I will give everyone until 10 p.m. Monday. So, POST QUICKLY.

If I choose you, I will e-mail you and get the list of tracks you want and your adress and I’ll mail it to you free.

So, who wants it?

Oh and Czarcasm/TVeblen, if I am violating SDMB rules by doing this, feel free to shut it down.

Post early, post often?

How do I know you’re going to have any songs that I want? Then again, what are the chances your random number will be 1?

1)Post only once.
2)And I will go out of my way to get the songs you want.
Thanks to a little Cat named Napster, this is possible.

What if you pick 2? Or do your posts not count, thus making me #2? Whatever, I’m in.

I need to be more clear.
No, my posts will not be counted, so just ignore my posts and count all other posts and you get your number.
All you others, post while you still can.

oooooooooooh oooooh… me

:: jumping up and down ::

:: runs to get bikini ::

:: resumes jumping up and down ::

:: jumping up and down ::

:: realize how silly I would look in a bikini - especially next to Dylan ::

:: attempting to regain composure ::

:: enjoys view of Dylan bouncing ::

:: hits submit reply by accident ::

That is why I love this place ! … you see the funnest stuff!!

I’m in! What a great idea, Mercutio! You must be a really, really nice person.

::re-reads the OP and realizes that it is a random drawing and sucking up isn’t necessary::

Never mind.

Count me in. The ol’ Elkman’s gotta try for freebees, whatever they may be.

Is this still open?

This is still open until 10pm tommorrow. Monday, the 15th.
I’ll count you in thinks.

I perform this same task for my friends and relatives, so I know how much fun it can be. If you have Pagemaker, I’d like that, but if not, I’ll repectfully withdraw my entry.


Yes please.
Hm. I wonder if that counts as aiding and abetting. :slight_smile:

Hmmm free things are good. I’ll take a wack at it

I’ll give it a shot even though I never win anything. Sometimes my Cracker Jacks don’t have a prize. :slight_smile:

::RT starts mentally composing list of songs to ask for if he wins::

you can add me to the list

me too