Free CD, parts 3 and 4

I’ve done this twice before, and the mail order CD club continues to send me music two months after I’ve closed my account and specifically asked them to not send me stuff. I have their assurance (as well as a confirmation number) that my account is closed, yet I received another shipment. Apparently, I have their blessing on this.

Anyone who wants either Keane’s Hopes and Fears (I already have it) or John Legend’s Get Lifted (never heard of this guy), please post to this thread with your preference. Monday night I will pick a winner out of a hat, or a shoe, or a box…it doesn’t really matter what I pick the name out of…contact that person via the e-mail in their profile asking for shipping instructions and post to this thread. If I get no response in 24 hours, I will draw again, same deal.

That’s it. No strings attatched. I will not spam you, I will not sign you up for a mailing list, I will not have 50 pizzas delivered to your house. Unless you want me to. Let me know if you do when (if) I contact you.

John Legend, Get Lifted

Keane, Hopes and Fears

Eligibility deadline is Monday July 11, 8:00 PM Eastern. The post’s time stamp will be official. I’m defaulted to show Eastern time. Any protests will be taken up with my dog, and his decision is final.

Please put my name in the hat/shoe/box for the Keane CD. :slight_smile:

Yanno, the last time you did this, I sat through the whole condo spiel and didn’t win anything. You think I’m gonna fall for this again? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to go in the hat for the John Legend album, my gf loves him.

And by gf I really do mean gf, not me.

Put me down for the Keane CD.

A-HA! I knew you skipped out early! Had you been there like everyone else, you’d have enjoyed the round of skinny golf we played after lunch. Nobody left a loser that day, my friend. Some had holes in one, some had ones in holes, it was a ribald time to be sure.

Another one for the Keane CD.

Put me in for the Keane album. I’m practically obsessed with the song ‘Walnut Tree’, so I’d love to hear the full album.

Also, you are a very attractive person, Casey. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please include me in the drawing for the Keane disc.

Thanks. It’s my magnetic personality.

put me in for the Keane cd as well. Thanks.


Now who’s doing the stalking? :smiley:

I have a feeling this is an inside joke, but it reminds me that I completely forgot to suck up to Casey! :smack:

Less than 12 hours to go. Final bump.
Looks like klintypooh (er, his gf :wink: is the only one other than Mrs. Legend to hear of this guy.


klintypooh, the John Legend disc is yours. Er, your girlfriend’s.

stretch, the Keane CD is yours.

Congratulations to you both. I have sent an e-mail to you both linking this post.