Who wants to pick on a millionare?

I was watching the news last night and saw some blurb about FOX making a public statement regarding the “Who wants to be a millionare” fiasco. I was shocked to hear FOX’s position. They put all of the blame on Rick Rockwell for not disclosing that a previous girlfriend had filed for a temporary restraing order. This is the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard of. While I’m sure Mr. Rockwell is far from Mr. perfect, it seems to me that he deserves the least blame in this episode:

(1) The concept was lame from the get go. The only reason people watched was due to a sort of rubberneck mentality… “I can’t believe how low TV entertainment has sunk.” FOX could not have had the best intellectual intentions in presenting this material in the first place.

(2) Rick Rockwell seemed to be abiding by the terms and expectations of the ‘social contract’ throughout the process. In fact, I thought he presented himself in a very professional manner even after the mess got into full swing. Darva Conger, on the other hand, violated the ‘social contract’ from the moment she saw the man. She contradicted herself when she first claimed that she had made a mistake because that’s not the kind of ethics she personally ascribes to. Later, she changed her story and claimed that the problem was due to the restraining order and the kind of man Rick Rockwell really was.

(3) The restraining order. I have two issues with this. FOX’s position was that Rockwell was obligated to tell them about the restraining order, but here I disagree. We know virtually nothing about the circumstances of this restraining order. Anyone can get a restraining order without any proof of misconduct. All you have to do is file a couple of forms (a Petitioner’s Affadavit and a Petition for Restraining Order) and pay a small filing fee. A judge will usually grant the temporary restraining order. Now I’m not defending Rockwell… in fact, I’m suggesting that we don’t know if there’s anything to defend against. Holding this over his head and trying to pin the blame of the failure in the aftermath of the show seems blatently unfair and, frankly, unamerican. Also, why is it appropriate and acceptable to do background checks and hold Rockwell accountable for some past episode, that may or may not be founded, yet none of the female participants were held up to the same scrutiny? Double standard? You betcha.

I consider most people in this forum to be of above average intelligence… Is it just me or do others also think that FOX is trying to unjustly shift the blame for the episode to Rick Rockwell?

I don’t know why I even car about this… I thought the whole thing was stupid from the start, but I guess I just hate to see people become fall guys to big corporations like FOX. Especially when it strikes me that if you want to pin blame on any one individual, clearly Darva was the one who immediately violated the terms and expectations of the premise, for the shallowest of reasons - because she didn’t find Rick Rockwell attractive.

Any thoughts?

Rick Rockwell is a putz. A rich putz with a pornstar name, but a putz nontheless.

Darva Conger is a putzette. A cute, airheaded putzette, but a putzette nontheless.

FOX is a bunch of putzi. I can think of no redeeming qualities, so I don’t get to use the term “nontheless” anymore. They’re just putzi, period.

Sorry, Wally, but you did say putz is now public domain.

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I think this belongs in the Mediocre Debates forum. But we don’t have one, so Great Debates it is.

JFTR, “Who wants to marry a multi-millionaire”.


oops! Sorry Reege… wrong show.

I agree, they’re all putzes, but that’s not my point. I think FOX totally fxxxed up and they wanted a scapegoat. Fearing public opinion if they attacked a helpless damsel, they opted to pick on the only apparent fault they could find with Rockwell.

On the putz scale, I’d rate it something like this:

Einstein <-> me <- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -> Rockwell <-> Conger <-> FOX pgm mgr <-> Jello

(I don’t know, maybe I was too hard on the Jello)

I think you’re thinking of Dick Rockhard… an honest mistake…

Well Darva certainly stretched her 15 minutes of fame in that fiasco. I saw nothing but her on the news shows/ etc. for the following week(s). To his credit, I never saw Rick Rockwell bad-mouthing Darva.
I think her problem was she found out his multi-millions (Wasn’t it "Who wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire) weren’t multi enough.

But really, what should anyone expect from a multi-millionaire who has to get a bride via blind date on TV? Did she really expect 1)fabuously wealthy 2) extremely good looking 3)highly intelligent and 4) no personality flaws?

What a Bimbo :slight_smile:

I agree that this probably doesn’t fit the “Great Debate” catagory, but it hooked me in didn’t it?

He came to Atlanta shortly after the whole thing as was reviving his stand-up act at one of the local comedy clubs.

One of the jokes they played on the radio had a punch line of something like “Hey, I couldn’t even get laid on my honeymoon.”

So, I guess he is at least laughing about it.

Oh yeah, he should have told Fox. What an incosiderate jerk.


What state were they legally married in? If it wasn’t California, they might be able to get an annullment on the grounds of non-consummation.


He should have reported all of his traffic tickets and had his last 10 years of tax returns audited, too… just to be safe.

I think it was California, but they have their annulment now, though again, Darva was using the non disclosure of the temporary restraining order as grounds… Even though she had said that she was going to get the marriage annuled the day after the wedding and four days before she learned anything about the prior temporary restraining order.

As for Great Debates, That’s not the category I put it in. Originally I was soliciting honest, serious opinion - curious as to whether anyone else thinks it’s a railroad job FOX is running to save face… or maybe people really think Rick is a bad boy… macht nicht to me…

Well speaking from an Australian perspective (we didn’t see the show - only heard the hoopla) and giving serious consideration to the concept, facts and headlines I came to the conculsion… dramatic pause

…what the hell is wrong with you guys?!? What kind of concept is this for a TV show!!!

And Joey while I agree fox’s finger-pointing at the guy involved was unfair, I don’t think it was malicious. They were just shifting the blame period. I don’t think they care where…

A very dumb concept. Unfortunately, that is the result of allowing one of our TV networks to be controlled by an Australian. :wink:

Be that as it may, I have a hard time believing that anyone at Fox is losing much sleep over this. Maybe I’m just ultra-cynical, but I firmly believe that Fox subscribes to the “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” school of thought. They were doing cartwheels over the public’s outrage. Jerks.

Fox placing the blame… for what? Everybody here as a consenting adult and Fox got great ratings. What the hell is wrong?

But the “I could not even get laid on my honeymoon…” thing was pretty funny.

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chuckle Touche.

Though it must be pointed out he was an export (ie something we didn’t want). You guys will buy anything!!! Just look at Priscilla and the Crocodile Man (who incidentally is relatively unknown down here - I saw him for the first time when I was visiting New York).