Who was Arlen High's Best Football Player: Hank or Bill?

Watching King of the Hill, there has been kind of conflicting info on the past of Arlen High’s greatness.

Hank was the RB. I’d guess Bill (THE BILLDOZER) was the Fullback.

Bill had the all-time rushing touchdown record, but Hank is regarded as the greatest Arlen athlete of all-time (in the Olympic Torch episode).

I think it said Hank was the leading rusher.

So who gets the glory? The guy who rushed more yards or the guy who scored the touchdown.

I’d say Bill!

Interesting question.

I’d have to go with Hank. It’s somewhat easier to rack up touchdowns from the goal line, as Bill obviously did, than it is to break a lengthy run for a touchdown.

But that’s just me.