who was Horace Wink?

I have a vague memory of a repeating commercial that aired when I was small. The end line was “It’s not like Horace, just look at that sink. Where is Horace, Horace Wink?”

There was no obvious product to these commercials. One of the big people (could have been a parent or aunt/uncle) guessed that it might be a teaser for a movie, but no one ever bothered to find out. Or at least, if they did, they never told me.

Does anyone remember this commercial and know what the heck it refers to?


IIRC: This was a teaser ad run by Ford in 1964 prior to the release of the Mustang. No product was mentioned. The idea was to get people curious about what it meant.
When the Mustang was released for sale a short time later, the ad was changed to: Where is Horace Wink?..He’s Gone to Mustang Country.

Thanks nebco9. Was the second commercial at all effective? I don’t remember it, but that just means that it didn’t stick in the mind of a small child.

Oh, did it rhyme, like the first one did? If not, that may have something to do with it. The first one was almost like a Seuss book in its rhymes. I still remember the cat and the goldfish and the petunia.


I really don’t remember much about it. The Mustang was a huge seller when it first came out. Dealers couldn’t keep them in stock. I think this was because of the car more than the ad.

My only impression is that Horace Wink was a dorkie kind of guy that became real popular because he drove a mustang, but I could be wrong.

There was another commercial for the Mustang a couple? of years later that showed a football player losing his girl to this dorkie guy that drove a Mustang. A friend of mine played the football player in the ad, so that’s why I remember it. Whether this dorkie guy was still the Horace Wink person or not-I just don’t remember. I could have the commercials mixed up. TOO LONG AGO…Read my sig.

Yeah. I tell my kids that I have a mind like a steel sieve.

All of those rhymes with no reason stuck with me, though. It’s odd what will stay.

Horace Wink was a commercial, it started in the summer of 1963. Starting with “Where is Horace Wink” with a small ad in the newspaper. It Grew to half page ads and TV spots with a Reward of $10,000 for Horace Wink. I don’t remember If Horace was found on April 16 or 17th. But Horace was the horse (Horace) in the grill of the new Mustangs. The commercials later ran with Horace being a person sort of (is a nerd a person?) driving a Mustang

Horace Wink was a commercial. It started running as small newspaper ads. Where’s Horace Wink? in the summer of 1963. It grew to halve page ads and TV commercials with a $10,000 Reward for Horace Wink. I don’t remember if Horace was found April 16 or 17th.
Horace Wink is the horse(Horace) in the grill of the new Mustang that is winking