Commercials that we miss.

Reading that other commercials thread made me think of quite a few commercials from my constant tv watching days that I don’t see anymore.

First, I miss the Carvel ads. They don’t have Carvel stores in California, so I guess thats why there is no ads. Cookie Puss, where are you?

Time to Make the Donuts. I miss the cute old guy. Do they still make those commercials?

An old commercial for channel 6 news. It would travel their news van around the city as if it were filmed by a guy taking his family to see the sites. Every time the van went by you heard a funny voice say “There goes that news van again.”

Krass Brothers. There was this clothing store on South Street that every Saturday morning during cartoons would advertise. God knows who thought that was a good target audience, but it was on for years, so it must have worked. Anyway, this old guy would come on and yell about the great clothes they had at his store, then a gaggle of females would come out and rip his clothes off.

Last, but surely not least. Ok, I don’t remember the name of the store. But, it was a commercial for a furniture store. Every commercial would feature this old guy among a bunch of people in different circumstances. Then there would be a flash and everyone would be gone except for the old guy. He would look around and say “Hey, where did every body go?” Then the voice over guy would say they went to Bekins, or whatever the name of the store was. That was my favorite.


The Cal Worthington commercials. He had a chain of auto dealerships and he would wear these wierd clothes and have strange animals on the commercials.

I think it was Federated with “Fred Rated” who went around smashing the crap out of stereo equipment and the like.

Oh yes, one of the few good things to come out of The Church of JC & LDS(did I say that? :wink: Remember the commercial that was kind of like a musical, some old guy singing, “Who broke my win-dow!?” and the kid sings back, “Telling the truth isn’t gonna be ea-sy!” That used to crack me up.

“Teaching without words and work without doing are understood by very few.”
-Tao Te Ching

I miss those great Alka Seltzer ads.

“Only when he no longer knows what he is doing, does the painter do good
things.” --Edgar Degas

Crazy Eddie
An electronics store. Just a loud mouthed guy yelling sometimes throwing money.“With prices so low, it’s craaaazzyyy” or something like that

so you found a girl who thinks really deep thoughts. what’s so amazing about really deep thoughts? Tori Amos

LOLOL>…I haven’t thought of those Federated ads in YEARS!! Shadoe Stevens… way back when, I had a crush on him <G>

The VW Thing ads.

Rolaids? “I can’t believe I ate the whoooooooole thing”

There was an airline that had a little cartoon bird singing “Yellow Bird”.

Mom always said there’d be days like this…she just never said there’d be so MANY of them!!!

sigh They have eyes, Lord, but they do not see.

“I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” is Alka-Seltzer. Millions of dollars they spent on that campaign that ran for years and still you don’t remember the advertiser. Is that responsible viewing, I ask you?

Seriously, I think they ultimately dropped that campaign because people were responding to and remembering the catch phrase more than they were the product. Case in point.

What do I miss? Santa on the Norelco and anything by Stan Freberg.

Rolaids, alka seltzer… same idea :slight_smile:
OK… definite Alka Seltzer ads? Speedy!!!

Oh yeah… and the Shake N Bake ads…

“And Ahh Hailped!!”

Mom always said there’d be days like this…she just never said there’d be so MANY of them!!!

Please do NOT stir up Shake-n-Bake memories. We were a family of Southerners living in the North when this spot ran. Couldn’t distance myself from the hicks in that ad fast enough.

For the record, no real Southerner ever sounded like that. Except for Alabamians and we never liked them much anyway.

Joe Isuzu.

“He’s lying.” “He’s lying again.” “That was a whopper.” “You guessed it.”
– Sylence

I don’t have an evil side. Just a really, really apathetic one.

I was mulling over my potential reply to this Q and, interestingly, I realized that 3 of my 5 seem to be for the same product! (or family of products, rather.)
Here are my faves:

  1. “I’m the SpotMaker, I live in your dishwasher, spotting and streaking glasses and dishes!.. Oh No! Calgonite!!”
    “That’s right, SpotMaker, Calgonite!”

(NO offense intended to anyone. I know that this is not considered PC anymore.)
2) “How do you get your shirts so clean,
Mr. Lee?”
“Ancient Chinese secret…”
“My husband… some hot shot! Here’s his Ancient Chinese secret… Calgon!”

  1. “Calgon… Take me awaaay!!”

  2. “Don’t take the car!!
    You’ll kill yoursellllff!!”
    (Always a poignant message: Do NOT drink and drive! But that commercial is a comical classic)

  3. The Coca Cola “Teach the World to Sing” commercial. I miss seeing that one at Christmas time. But maybe they still play it and I just don’t watch enough TV at this time of year.

Did this get too long? sorry. :slight_smile:

Okay pricciar, you know I love you but as I told my nephew… do you want to be a REPUBLICAN?


Do you want Maddison Avenue to dictate your life?


So, what do we hate above and beyond all else?


Oh, yeah. I LOVE THAT!


When you say “Beer!”, we say “Bull!”–The Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull!

Or however that thing went.

While growing up in Colorado, the seafood chain Sea Galley had some great commercials with waiters dancing around while wearing crab legs.

“We’ve got crab legs, Sea Galley. We’ve got crab legs…”

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

I can never think of the Time to make the donuts the same again after John Lovitz’s spoof on snl.

“What’s our little skeptic doing today?”
“Oh, she’s frying the cat in pure Nesson oil!”

Wesson, Nesson, Schmesson. It’s all the same.

Anyone who was in the DC area in the eighties will remember:

“At All Six Morton’s!”

Also there was a furniture store whose name I have forgotten; the announcement of the locations at the end was rattled off incredibly fast, like the Federal Express guy only played straight.

I still remember the whole spiel:


All in one breath.
Anyone recall the name of this place?

Six words:

Not going anywhere for a while?

Neidhart -

YES! I remember the Morton’s commercials!!! Hadn’t thought about about them in YEARS! And I was always a fan of the Joe Isuzu commercials as well.

My current favorite: the one for Beggin’ Strips with the dog. “I smell BACON! It’s in that bag! What does it say…I CAN’T READ!”

“There is no worse lie than a truth misunderstood by those who hear it.” - William James

"If you don’t buy your clothes from Krass Brothers mens stores,

You’re a snake in the grass!!"

::snakes dumped on his head::

Ah, gone the way of Captain Noah…

Falcon, my wife and I love the Beggin’ Strips commercial too (even though we don’t have a dog). “It’s gotta be bacon because only one thing smells like bacon and that’s BACON!”