Favorite Commercials??

I have done nothing this weekend but watch TV, i am so lazy but i was curious, what are your favorite ads on TV these days? I really like the citi bank identity theft ones. The old ladies always have me laughing with their deep manly voices. Another clever one i saw was for the new Land Rover LR3. Its footage of the LR3 using its navigation system to guide the aircraft in mid-flight, I think its pretty cool, because no one has tried a stunt like this until now and its amazing that a car’s navigation system can track correctly at that speed and altitude. I found a clip of it and attached it. What are some of your favorite commercials on TV right now?

I like Volkswagon’s ad campaign about “least ego emissions”, even though I think the product is crap and their prices ridiculous. The ads are clever, though.

Caveman ads.

The one with Pauli Walnuts for a product I can’t remember: “Shaddap!”

I still like the AFLAC duck, so sue me.

There’s a funny commercial for Nextel now that I enjoy. I forget the jist of it, but this man is in an office with two other men commenting about the Nextel walkie-talkies their office uses. The locations of the walkie-talkies are being tracked via a website or something, and they show up on the computer screen as red dots on a map of a city. They talk about “the dots,” and the man asks if they can move the dots. All of a sudden, a large black man comes in and says, “Who’s moving the dots? Are you trying to move my dots?” Just the way he says it strikes me as funny. Then again, Nextel has had some memorable ads in the past. I can no longer hear the sound a Nextel walkie-talke makes when someone presses it in real life without mentally hearing, “Emus on the loose!” “Where?” “New York City!”

I like the ad for business loans that show a couple of bankers looking through a magnifying glass at a miniature businessman making a presentation. The light from the magnifying glass catches the presentation on fire and the punch line is “do they always catch on fire like that”.

Also like the new Altoid Sour ad that shows a blind taste test. When the Altoids product is tested, a woman bitch-slaps the guy and then asks him if he likes it. He does.

I must suffer from 3 Stooges syndrome.

No, you suffer from a syndrome where you like slapstick humor similar to the Three Stooges. As any medical person can tell you, Three Stooges Syndrome is when you have every disease known to man, but in equal amounts. They don’t harm you because they’re all trying to get into your bloodstream at the same time- like Moe, Larry, and Curly attempting to walk through a door at the same time.

Me: So I’m invincible?
You: No. Actually, you could be killed if even a slight breeze . . .
Me: [interrupting] Invincible, eh?

Who’s agitating my dots? Are you agitating my dots?”

You may note that that’s Mac from Night Court defending his dots from agitators.

There’s an advert for Coke that’s been going in the UK since just before the World Cup kicked off. It’s basically got a lot of ‘enemies’ such as Woodcutter/Tree Flyswatter/Fly and Husband/Illicit Lover. All the while there’s a radio commentary in (Italian?) that builds up until you hear ‘GOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLL!!!’ at which point they all hug each other etc. Sounds cheesy but is remarkably well done.

THANK YOU. I’ve been in an argument with my girlfriend about this (no, we don’t have lots to do on the weekend). She insists that’s not Mac. She thinks it’s Ernie Hudson.

I like the one with the two kids playing soccer picking sides using the greatest soccer players of all time. It’s even better because it’s one of those commercials that has a part two and a part three.

What a coincidence. I just heard Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon” on the radio this morning. I like the VW commercial that used that song.

Watching the US Open this weekend, I got a lot of good golf commercials. But those may only be good because I enjoy golf:

  1. Sergio Garcia is 100 yards out from the tee. He asks his caddy for the seven iron (which he can hit about 150 yards). Caddy questions his choice, he insists. He hits it spectacularly over the green into a swimming pool of a neighboring home, where a beautiful woman sunbathes. Walking into the yard, the caddy replies “nice shot.” Cut to whatever product is being sold (some beer). Back to poolside, the woman says “that’s the third time this week, Sergio.” To which he replies with a smarmy “I know.”

  2. Amateur golfers are at Bethpage Black’s 18th (see: Tiger Woods winning the 2002 US Open). Cocky golfer steps up to the tee, commenting that if he pars, he will tie Tiger’s final round. Another golfer asks “Tiger shot a 102?”. Cocky replies “I have a thirty handicap ::scoff:: Do the math.” Sets up for his drive, takes a spectacular swing; the ball doesn’t even dribble out of the tee box. Cut to the product (Mastercard?) Back to the course, Cocky looks it over “looks like I’m gonna need my long iron.”

From which, of course, I meant to say, the pin. :smack:

Oh, and clearly both commercials made quite an impression on me for their advertisers. Some beer and maybe Mastercard.

I like G4TV’s promos for Midnight Spank. The commercials are dark and threatening in a ridiculous way that makes me laugh.

Calico-Colored Guinea Pig

Man, I do not want to see what’s in the horrible bag…

I love TNT’s re-edit movie commercials in which they make the movie look like some other genre. (Such as The Shining as a warm-hearted family flick and Lord of the Rings as a sort of Brokeback Mountain for Hobbits.) Hilarious.

Another commercial that I love, but haven’t seen for a while: a man leaves the room, leaving his food unattended. A dog eats it, then goes over and gets the cat, depositing it next to the plate so it will take the blame.

Fox Sports Net here has something like this- they’ll show a Giants fan living next to a Dodger fan, a Cubs fan & a Cardinals fan sitting next to each other at the bar, or a Yankees and a Red Sox fan on the bus together (or whatever) and they all end up hugging at the end.

There’s a really funny phone/service commercial, where two guys are in a locker room, and one if touting all the features of his new phone. “…unlimited text messaging, best service in the States, and theft deterrent.” “Theft deterrent?” “Yeah, try to take my wallet.”

The second guy reaches for the first guy’s wallet, which is sitting on the bench between them, and the first guy winds up and wings his phone right at the second guy’s face at poin blank range. I think what really does it is the graceful, over-the-top way the second guy sells the impact, almost pro-wrestling-like.

I really like this Nextel commercial (on YouTube).

It’s the one where three guys are partying in their office and the boss goes into this spiel about how they don’t know where the inventory is and no one knows where a certain employee is, etc… So they pull out their Nextel to contact him and check the location of the inventory using GPS, all in about three seconds. Then they go back to dancing.
I’m also particularly fond of Ikea commercials.

This Ikea commercial. It encourages you to “Tidy Up”, so the kids don’t play with your sex toys. (I never actually saw this commercial on TV, but one a TV special about funny commercials).

This commercial for their winter sale is hilarious. “Start the car!”

Or how about this one. “Many of you are feeling bad for this lamp. That is because you are crazy.”

Am I the only one who thinks of Jack in the Box the moment someone says “Funny Commercials?”



I particularly like those two. And the one with the stoner guy talking to the Jack bobblehead. Can’t seem to find that one anywhere, though…


I like the commercial where the guy drops the Starburst into the barrel. He reaches in to get it with his left arm, and when he pulls his arm out, it’s dissolved. So, he shrugs and reaches in with his right arm. That gets dissolved too, so at the end of the commercial, the guy standing next to him rolls up his sleeve and reaches in. It’s not genius, but the actors pull it off well.

Also, there’s a great radio spot running now for Dunkin Donuts Coolatta (or something). There point is that you should get one as an afternoon snack, so they’ve written a song in the emotional/acoustic guitar style that goes

Lunch is over
And dinner is so very far away

It’s really funnny, and every time I finish lunch nowadays I find myself singing it.

girl inside millky way bar: “Why so Blue Panda Bear?”

boy sitting in car, holding the milky way: “Whatev.”

gimwb: whispers: “You are a Buffet of Manlyness”

both: giggles

boy: takes big bite of the candy

This one always makes me laugh!

That commercial actually really creeps me out. He’s talking to his candy bar, and then he eats it, and it’s just creepy. It weirds me out in ways I’ve never experienced before.