Who was that guy in the action movie traliers?

Spoz and I were wondering who that gravelly-voiced dude in the action movie trailers was. We don’t know much other than that he seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. (or isn’t doing any more commercials) Is there anyone here who might know? While we’re at it, why do they always get him to do trailers? Any ideas?

Sounds very vague, I know… maybe these blog entries of Spoz’s will help. (he lives in Adelaide, Australia… where it is now the tenth of October, NOT the ninth)

I can hear the guy’s voice in my head right now, too. Please come up with an answer for this… or it’ll be driving us nuts for quite some time to come!


Don LaFontaine.

Thanks for the link… I’ll be sure to tell Spoz about it later on tonight.


Aaaaaaaaand… we’ve made it into Spoz’s blog once again. :smiley:

When I was talking to him last night, he said he hadn’t checked the site yet… he was being bugged by endless MSN traffic, then he had to go out and spend cash. But thanks again!


There’s another guy that puts alot of breath into the key words in movie previews, sounds like this guy. But whatever. They’re both annoying.

Begin any sentence with
“In a world…”
and I think of Don LaFontaine.
There was actually a 60 minutes or ET piece or something on him. It was kinda’ hilarious

Just realized that my thread title sounds French at the very end… “traliers” instead of “trailers.” Oh well… it sounds quirkier… I like it. :smiley:


He may be responsible for a lot of them, but his voice is actually fairly easy to reproduce. I’ve seen a couple comedians do it spot-on, and I myself can do a fairly good facsimile. I’m guessing they use a lot of people who can do the same type of voice.