who was that lesbian?

on boston legal last night, the dorky prep lawyer defended a lesbian in a civil case. the plot involved whether or not she WAS in fact, gay and whether or not she was attracted to him, because he was packing major wood for her.

um, and so was i.

who is that who played her? i don’t see anything on the abc site and i’m too fricking lazy to dig around, but until i know more, i’ll be totally unproductive today. anyone with info, please help!!!

TVTome.com has the guest list for last night’s episode here.

I knew what you were talking about just from the title.

She’s here.

And my gawd, was she smoking hot!! Even discounting the whole girl-girl thing, she made my knees shaky.

thanks both of you…now my naughty lesbian/schoolgirl fantasy has a name.

you’ll excuse me for a few moments… :wink:

“Who was that lesbian?” Oh, yeah, I remember that line…

A cloud of dust, and a hearty “Hi-yo, Sappho!” The Lone Lesbian rides again!

Oooh! I remember her from a Smallville episode! She definitely makes me feel all warm and tingly.