Female judge from L&O: SVU a lesbian?

OK, so I was watching USA on Sunday (aka, the SVU marathon channel) and I noticed something I’ve never noticed before, in an episode I’ve seen a few times, even.

In the episode, the detectives need to dig up a body of a mother of a suspect to prove she injected her with an air embolism, and for some reason need to get the court order signed that night, so ADA Novak (aka, the hottest ADA on any L&O ever) goes to a Judge’s house to get it signed. Well, it turns out she interrupts a poker game between a bunch of judges, including that female judge with the short black hair (I think her name is Judge Petrosvkie, or something.)

Anyways, Novak mentions that she has had nightmares about situations like this, only she was naked. At which point, I swear the female judge said

The judge to her left shot her a quick look, and then BAM, right to another judge signing the order and end of scene,

Am I crazy, or did she say that a naked Novak was yummy? I mean…a naked Novak IS indeed yummy, but I have never seen anythign before or since that would lead me to beleive that judge was a lesbian, or at the very least liked the thought of a naked Novak Of ocurse, we all know that apparantly the L&O writers love giving us suprise lesbians (wasn’t one of the regular L&O judges fired this season, and made a comment about being a lesbian, and it was the first the viewing audience had heard of it?)

So am I crazy? Did another judge say yummy and I just though it was the female? Did she say a different word entirely?

Are you sure Novak wasn’t refering to a roomful of naked JUDGES? In which case I’m sure the “yummy” was sarcasm.

On a related note, I’ve noticed that L&O has a substantially large amount of fan fiction compared to most television shows, mostly based around every single combination of girl-on-girl that you can think of, with the EXCEPTION of the one I WANT (Alex on Casey)

There’s no Alex on Casey? How is that possible?!

And I’m sure Nivak remarked that she was naked. According to tv.com (damn TVTome for going under!) the exact line is,

**Casey: **I’ve had this dream before, only I was naked

I just watched this episode. The judge said “charming” not “yummy.” I didn’t get a lesbian vibe from the line.

I’m naked right now, and it ain’t yummy.

There’s no way to know unless the judge gets fired. Because she’s a lesbian.

Charming…that makes much more sense.

I still wants me some Cabot on Novak sex action fan-fic, though!