Who was that pitcher?

Not sure, may have played for Boston. His team, I believe, was playing in Milwaukee back in the days of players wearing ties, maybe late 50’s/early 60’s. There was some horsing around in the locker room which carried on in the team bus. Cutting off ties? Anyway, something happens and the pitcher’s arm was injured and it prematurely ended his career.

Anyone know the pitcher’s name?

Vern Bickford?

No, he was a well-known player

Not to mention Vern’s career wasn’t cut off by an arm injury caused by team bus horseplay. His career just sputtered out over time as he couldn’t maintain his pitching success. He had a few injuries but nothing out of the ordinary. He just got fewer starts and eventually retired. Then he died of cancer at the age of 40.

I spent more time than I should have yesterday trying to research this and I got nothin’. I found out that Schoolboy Rowe wore a lucky tie. No stories of anyone ever cutting it off and his career wasn’t cut short by a team bus incident. So, I’m curious to see if there’s a legit answer to this one.

Was it a misremembered story about Cecil Upshaw?

Lew Burdette? Burdette won the 1957 World Series with the Milwaukee Braves. But, I couldn’t find anything about him being injured and ending his career prematurely.

It might be Upshaw. Wiki:

And here, about Upshaw:

From 6 Most Gruesome Non-Sports Injuries Suffered by Athletes.

Somehow, that list omits Jason Pierre-Paul blowing off one finger, and parts of two others, in a fireworks accident. :eek:

Not to mention Mordecai Brown and the fortuitous feed chopper.

The OP’s not thinking of Ed Delahanty, right? Big Ed, as I found out in the HOF thread, was kicked off a train in 1903 for being drunk and disorderly, which led to his death by tumbling into Niagara Falls.

LOL, I know pitchers sometimes get elective Tommy John surgeries, I wonder if anyone has chopped off fingers intentionally to get a wicked curve ball?