Who watched Killer Instinct on FOX?

Accidentally posted this in the Earl thread, so if you read that and then read this, it’s not deja vu.

Anyway, I liked it. A lot. So I’m giving it two episodes before FOX cancels it.

Finally! A crime show that doesn’t focus on forensics and gadgets. Everything they did to catch the killer made sense.

I liked everything about it. Low key acting, male-female characters that aren’t hot for each other or hating each other at first meeting, a reasonable supervisor, no illogical manufactured conflict, the San Francisco scenery, and those flying jellyfish were hella cool.

I’m looking forward to next week. The previews show Hale already with a new partner, so I’m wondering if they’ll wrap up whatever’s going on with this week’s partner stalking him.

Anyone else watch it? Like it?

The reviews weren’t so great, and it’s up against Threshold, so I skipped it.

Threshold didn’t grab me, or I’d probably not watch Killer Instinct either. Everyone seems to like Threshold, so the FOX show won’t stand a chance. Heaven forbid they’d move it to Friday or Saturday, give it another audience. :slight_smile:

I think it has the potential to be decent, at least watchable. Maybe FOX will keep it around so folks can catch it when Threshold goes into rerun.

One of the producers/writers is a Josh Berman, a CSI guy. The lead actor is from The O.C., which I’ve never seen. I don’t know if coming off O.C. is a good thing or a bad thing.

Maybe I like it because for once, I was a step ahead of the detectives on one of the plot points. “It wasn’t me killed those women with these spiders. I euthanized the only two spiders I had. See? They’re right here, dead and mounted.”

I said to hubby, “Betcha those two spiders were a mommy and a daddy.”

Meh, I wasn’t impressed. Lance Baldwin is definitely pretty to look at, but the characters seemed cliched to me and the plot was a little too predictable. I found myself just not caring much what the new partner is up to. I also was expecting more from the title: I thought it would be about a cop with an unusual insight into how serial killers think, or something.

Now that the Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis seasons are over this is the only thing on Friday nights that I’m interested in, so I’ll most likely give it another chance. I won’t be surprised, though, if I wind up using Friday evenings to catch up on reading or movies. :wink:

Oops, Lance Baldwin was his (minor) character on The OC: the actor is Johnny Messner. :slight_smile:

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly gives Killer Instinct a qualified A.

They call it “the best worst series on TV” and say that “for pure guilty TV, this is an A.” It’s “blissfilly weird”. How can anyone resist that?

I’m posting this, despite the lack of interest in the show, in the hope that I won’t be the only disappointed Doper when it gets cancelled. Come on somebody! Watch it with me! :slight_smile:

I’m having a hard time getting over the Mad Entomologist’s nonsensical m.o.

Funnel Web spiders don’t cause paralysis. They hurt like a bastard and cause severe convulsions, puking, and sometimes diarrhea. Playing "Let’s pretend that this common spider’s venom quickly mimics the effect of that scary drug in What Lies Beneath is just stupid.

It would have been forgivable (just) if they’d gone with those ticks that paralyze people – although of course the victim would have plenty of time to clue in that something was seriously wrong before they were totally incapacitated. I can forgive a fudge like that, though. Making the toxin have pretty much the exact opposite effect from what it actually does, in order to make the story work? Weak.

That’s something that I don’t understand…
You need a spider who paralyzes its victims in a specific way… MAKE ONE UP.

I think I am giving up on Threshold starting this week, so maybe I’ll check out this show.

Normally I’ll check something like that – the spider with the paralyzing venom – but in this case I didn’t want to, because I wanted them to have it right. :slight_smile:

You’re right. They should have made one up.

Another nitpick that I’ve pushed out of my mind is how Messner’s partner managed to make it to the entymologist’s lab before Messner got there. Even if she had known where he was going, it would have been damn nigh impossible to get there and hide before anyone showed up.

Yet another nitpick – when the entymologist saw Messner in the parking lot, why didn’t he try to get away then, instead of waiting and having to try a hostage deal. And why the woman with the gun had more effect on him than the guy with the gun. Messner should have just shot him.

Enough nitpicks. The show’ll be fun to watch just to catch the screw-ups and inconsistencies.

Just watched the second episode, and there was another big plot hole.

Bodies are being found with parts removed. The parts removed were transplanted organs, all from one donor, a bad guy who had been hit by a car and was brain dead.

The person removing the transplanted parts knew the names of everyone who got an organ. The writers made no attempt to explain how that could have happened – the detectives didn’t even question it.

A simple “How did the killer know who the recipients were?” followed by “We’ll never know” would have been something.

The ending was Silence of the Lambs-y, where the detectives are racing around to rescue donors from the killer and go to the wrong houses while the killer’s getting ready to take a heart out of somebody.


What’s really weird is that I plan to keep watching this show. I still like that it’s old-fashioned detective work rather than fancy forensics, but I think I like it mostly because of Messner’s voice. Or maybe his eyes. They’re sort of a steely gold color. :slight_smile:

Did anyone else give this show a look?

I watched tonight’s episode because Threshold was a rerun.

It’s not a bad little show. The Egyptian angle was interesting. If it were on at 8 p.m., I think I’d make an effort to tune in.