Who were Hitler's "Six Women"?

In a biography I’m reading, Speer: the Final Verdict by Joachim Fest, I came across this statement about Hitler: “It is significant that of the six women who figured - marginally - in his life, five committed suicide or attempted to do so.”

I know of two, Geli Raubal and Eva Braun. I’m guessing one of them was his mother. Anybody know what happened to her – suicide? Can anyone ID the other three?

There was a woman pilot (can’t recall her name), and Leni Reifenstahl(sp?), who were in his “court”. Might they be among them?"six+women"&hl=en&ie=UTF-8

That’s getting there – but seems essentially a repetition of the assertion in my source.

Hitler’s six women are usually listed as being.

Geli Raubal
Eva Braun
Leni Riefenstahl
Magda Goebbels
Zara Leander

His mama died of cancer.

Three killed themselves. Geli in 1931, supposedly because Wolfy wasn’t giving her enough time and attention. Eva and Magda took cyanide and shot themselves with their respective husbands Adolph and Joseph on April 29 and May 1 1945. Magda and Joseph also killed their six children before taking their own lives.

Zara lived out her days in her home country Sweden and died in 1981.

Leni is very much alive and just celebrated her 100th birthday with a huge bash on the Starnberg Lake outside Munich. Amongst the generally noteworthy guests were Mick Jagger, Siegfried and Roy, and Boris Becker who are all close friends.


Hitler’s mother died of breast cancer.

He had an affair with a woman named Mimi Reiter. They first met when she was 16 and he 37, but were not sexually involved for years, until after she had married and divorced another. She tried to hang herself, actually quite a long time they consummated the relationship, but lived to go public with her story in 1959. She indicated that he was sexually “normal” (you know, whatever that means), and that their romance seemed to be that of a foolish young girl with a crush on a a powerful and famous older man. An older man too concerned with his political career to either sleep with a schoolgirl or marry a divorcee.

Inge Ley, Renate Mueller, and Suzi Liptauer are supposed to be three of his mistresses who all commited suicide, but I have not been able to find out any information about them beyond their names.

I wonder if Fest is including Unity Mitford and Joseph Goebbels’ wife Magda in his list, even though Hitler was never romantically involved with either of them.

IIRC, he had great respect for Magda Goebbels as she seemed the very personification of the perfect Aryan wife and mother. She probably played a greater role in his emotional life than did poor little infatuated Mimi Reiter. In 1945, Magda and Joseph arranged to die along with their 6 youngest children.

Unity Mitford (yep, one of those Mitfords) was an eccentric British aristocrat who fell hook line and sinker for the Nazi philosophy. Hitler was quite impressed with Unity and her equally tall and blond sister Nancy (Oswald Mosely’s wife), but I don’t think that they were as close as he was to Magda Goebbels (and again, no evidence for a sexual/romantic relationship between him and either woman exists). When Unity’s country of birth, Great Britain, and her beloved adopted Germany went to war, she was so distressed that she shot herself in her temple. Sadly, she lived on for years, confused, subject to seizures and temper tantrums, shunned by society, and cared for by her mother.

That would make Mimi, Geli, Unity, Eva, and Magda as the five, but I really think that lumping them together in any catagory is strained.

Is there any evidence that Hitler had any connection with Leni Riefenstahl beyond professional? I know we are not going to get any answer from the ancient tight-lipped one herself.

dammitdammitdammit- I can’t find any English-language website on Zara Leander.

Too much time has been wasted on speculating on Hitler’s psyche, but as much as he admired them, I cannot see him becoming involved with a dynamic creative genius like Leni, or a capable and strong-willed manager like Magda. Judging from Eva and Mimi, his taste in women ran to the…I hestitate to say “stupid,” but to the young, frivolous, flirtatious type who would regard him with absolute adoration and contradict him on nothing.