who were the last 3 people to see you naked?

exclude spouses and doctors.
and this is the dumbest question ever.

Well most of the women I’ve dated have this fetish for complete and utter darkness.

Ummmmm…excluding spouces (don’t have one), and doctors?


Glad to have helped.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Nobody. Who wants to be my first?

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Other than boyfriends? Well, there was the semester I was a model for two different art classes. All in all, probably around fifty people saw me naked. I miss that job.

“Damn, it’d be like two days at Disneyland without the kids!” - Comment by a male friend the first time he saw a picture of me and my breasts.

Elle McPherson
Nicole Kidman
Christie Brinkley

However, once I finished up that dream…

All generalizations suck.

Bruno (trick)
Eric (ex-boyfriend)
my brother (I think it was him)

I guess excluding docs and husbands,it would’ve been a few customers at the bar where I worked. Looong ago. They probably don’t even remember.

Well you said excluding spouses and doctors.

That would have to be the guys in the locker room this morning as I was getting in and out of the shower. If I exclude those, probably my parents when I was a baby. I do not generally get naked in front of people except in the locker room.


Well my son sees me naked every day… all of us wander around naked here. Um… assuming that doesn’t count…

Elektric (www.elektric.net) saw me change into a bathing suit when I was visiting her this summer…

Chris (www.gigglecam.com) saw me change clothes when we shared a hotel room in Manhattan for the Ricki Lake show…

um… I don’t know who after that. I mean, lots of people have seen me naked, it’s sort of hard to put it on a timeline.

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The ladies at the community swimming pool. Got to see a 5.5 month preggo lady in the buff.I wasn’t the only one pregnant there, so it wasn’t like I was a sideshow attraction. I was hoping to have high school girls see me naked so I could show them the joys and effects of pregnancy on the human body. (Stretch marks, droopy boobs, the inablity to tie my shoes without nearly whoofing up lunch.) That would keep their knees together.

Do people normally go naked in your community swimming pool?


funneefarmer: What? No farm animals? :smiley:

Phouka: Any way you can paste the incriminating photo, just so we can see if your friend was a good judge of…character? :smiley:

That was you?

I never get naked with the farm animals, although occasionally I get called an animal. And I’ve got a secret for ya’, all of our animals our naked right now. I’m selling tickets. The cows do this cute tail switch thing. The cats rub themselves all over you and the dog tries to hump your leg. All for the low price of $2 for a five minute session. Hurry up the slots are filling up fast.

Brian, satan, Brian/Satan

Me?? an asshole?? You better believe it!

Heather Lee

Omniscientnot: Me and my breasts are fully clothed in the shot, but I’ll see if I can’t dig that pic up and post it.

“Damn, it’d be like two days at Disneyland without the kids!” - Comment by a male friend the first time he saw a picture of me and my breasts.

Is it all naked or just part of you naked that is usually covered?

I ask this simply because nothing shuts people up more than a good mooning. Its my mantra and it works well, specially on the freeway

In the flesh?

Or those last three naked pictures of Brad Pitt I sent to people SAYING it was me?

Please specify.

Give me ambiguity or give me something else.

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“Damn, it’d be like two days at Disneyland without the kids!” - Comment by a male friend the first time he saw a picture of me and my breasts.