Who were the stone age celebrities on the Flintstones?

This student who works for me is names Tony and whenever I address him I think about Stony Curtis from the Flintstones. What other Cavemanified celebrities were there on the Flintstons? I seem to remember Gina Lolabrickita but that could be a hallucination.

Ann-Margrock, of course.

Cary Granite

The Way-Outs (that’s where the fun is)

I vaguely remember the Way-Outs. Were they based on any particular real world rock group?

The Beatles, hence the mop hair, the “ya ya ya” and the “Bug Music.”

Rock Quarry (Rock Hudson?)

And dinosaur-star Sassie.

Greta Gravel (Garbo).

I vaguely remember Clark Gravel (Gabel)

Samantha and Darren from Bewitched appeared, I think just as Samantha and Darren without any rock puns.

I have a vague memory of an appearance by the Frankenstone monster.

Another one occurred to me. Didn’t Alfred Hitchcock make an appearance? I can’t recall his Bedrock name, though; it might have been Hatchplot, but that’s not at all rock-like so I may not be remembering it correctly.

I seem to recall seeing Ed Sullystone talk about a “really big shoe” on the TV.

Zev Steinhardt

Alfred Hatchplot is from Mad Magazine.

Found it! Alvin Brickrock.

Sharon Stone

Perry Masonry

Google knows all, sees all:

Except that list must be incomplete, as I distinctly remember Gina Lollobrickida being a character. Aha - I found it! “The Flintstones hire a maid, Lollobrickida, who quits before an important dinner.” They don’t give the first name, but there’s no question that the character is based on Gina Lollobrigida – who else could it have been? I wish they gave more of a description of the episode, though.

You do recall correctly that Samantha & Darren Stevens appeared; they were in “Samantha” in season 6.

Thank you!
I blame this thread entirely for my going around the house yesterday evening singing that old Ann-Margrock hit, “I Loves You But I Ain’t Gonna Be Your Fool,” complete with hula-like hand gestures. Funny the things that lie dormant deep within your brain for 25-30 years, and then come back out at the mere mention of a name.

You’re welcome.

In the 70s and 80s whenever they made new versions of the Flintstones, usually called something like “The All New Flintstones Hour!” and involving the Shmoo or Captain Caveman, they didn’t even try to be creative with the stone-age names, and always added -rock or -stone at the end.

So it’d be Donny Osmondrock, or Billy Idolstone. sigh