Who will be the first moderator/admin/perfect master to reply to this poll?

Well, I’d love to claim a prize, but porcupine guessed Czarcasm before me, granted, it was guessed with another mod, so I was the first to say just Czarcasm, wasn’t I?

you were indeed bouv and so you win a “yay you!”. According to my rules though it is Czarcasm who wins the prize :slight_smile:

Ahem. I win because I posted before you said pick ONE. So there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I’ll give you a “yay you!” as well. :smiley:

Czarcasm? Don’t you mean… slythe?

I think the “pick ONE” rule should have been clear from the title, which said “mod/admin” rather than “mods/admins.” In any case, Czarcasm gets pitted right? Unless I am mistaken, this means that there is or soon will be a thread that insults and flames the Czar in the BBQ Pit, right? Link, please?

no… Czar gets to CHOoSE whom to pit… out of his fellow mods/admins.masters of course…

I will pit for him as well if he chooses… he may also pit himself…