Who will be the first moderator/admin/perfect master to reply to this poll?

If you guess right then yay you!

I am going to guess UncleBeer. Who else? Polls close as soon as the first one posts…

And if you are the first to post then it means a free pitting of the mod/admin/perfect master of your choice.

Game’s on! :cool:


I’ll pass on the pitting.

And he’ll be kickin some ass.


wouldn’t the Mod see their name and decide NOT to post?

That’s why I gave the incentive :slight_smile: They can even choose to get themselves pitted… it’ll give TV a chance to get on the board…


Hm, Coldfire or manhattan mebbe. Or one of the other mods that don’t come immediately to mind. TV?
E, whaddathahell, I go with Arnold.

I say that it’ll be the longest thread ever that no current SDMB staffer will post to.

What do I get if I win?

Hmmm… Cecil’s phone number. :wink:

I’m guessing Czarcasm. Or TVeblen. After all, it’s their forum.

pick ONE :wink:

Chicken of Bristol, err, umm…I mean Czarcasm!

[sub]and I still think Chicken of Bristol was a better name.[/sub]

The Czar! As in Czarcasm. :wink:

I’m predicting that none of them will rise to the bait and that this thread will be closed without comment.

I’m going with the underappreciated, much loved, incredibly attractive TubaDiva.

TVeblen because of this thread

I don’t think any Mods/Admins will respond to this thread, but I have good money that says the perfect Master won’t reply. He hardly ever replies and the probablility of him replying to a thread with my name in it is low, the probability of him replying to a post of mine is even lower…

No one’s said anything yet.

The Czar sez that, because this isn’t a proper poll(where’s the question, bucky?), he’s throwing this into MPSIMS. :smiley:

Umm… wasn’t the question in the title self explanatory? :wink:

Bouv wins! Yay Bouv!

Czarcasm… step forward to claim your prize :smiley: