Who will fight?

Who is willing to go out and fight? I will. I have no military training. I have two broken knees. I’m considered too old to be a recruit.

But I know how to fly a helicopter.

Put me in the pilot’s seat and give me a nav chart and a target. I’m normally non-violent, but in this case I’ll fly an attach chopper with guns blazing right down the throats of whoever is responsible for this uncivilized act. Or I’ll fly heavily armed troops to battle in a cargo helicopter.

There’s no chance that anyone will ask me to do this; but I’d do it in a second.

I’m there… been awhile since I’ve started up the engineroom of a Fast attack Nuke submarine…but I think I can manage. Hell…just gimme a baseball bat. Better hurry up though…I may be “banned”

Sign me up. I’m overweight with bad eyes and flat feet, but I’ll do whatever I can.

Over the age limit, bad knees, bad back and overweight.

But I can read a radar or something

I won’t - I’m a registered Conscientious Objector and will not fight for religious reasons. I will say, though, that things like this make me seriously examine why I believe this way and if I should continue to - this is beyond horrible. I will, however, do what I can to help and support those who do fight.

However, I will shed no tears when those responsible are brought to justice, up to and including seeing them put to death.

My prayer is that violence will not beget violence, justice will rule, and we will not go to war. Sadly, I can’t see us not going to war, and justifiably so.

Today is a day of conflicting beliefs, emotions, and philosophies. :frowning:


I don’t think anyone would trust me with a gun, but I can shovel shit, tie bandages, cook some tasty soup, and write letters home.

Fight who?

and don’t just say the terrorists.

No. I do NOT want war. I am terrified, scared shitless of war.

I don’t know about you, but I would be more afraid of an airplane crashing into my office than war.

Sign me up - I’ll press the Big Red Button myself if it comes to that.

I have a bolt action .308 Win. I’m not all that great of a shot, but I’m confident I could take bin Laden out at 250 yards. And I will gladly do so if called upon. Killing a scumbag like that could only bring a person lasting, inner peace.

maybe we should all fight ignorance, prejudice, intolarance etc. etc. etc. thereby eliminating the cause of this shit.

(i know, i know!! wont ever happen! its another pipe dream. lets just send in the bombers, its easier that way)

i’m nothing but a near-sighted, flat-footed girl, but if war is declared i will give SERIOUS thought to enlisting. this is my country and i should help defend it in any way i can.

but i’m really scared of guns and the actual real threat of war is making me sick to my stomach…

Yeah, I’ll fight. I’m a big fat nutcase,* but if they’ll have me, I’ll go.

*I meant that I am both fat and a nutcase. I also am blind as a bat.

Who wouldn’t be scared shitless? The point is, would you fight?

I am a believer that if you do not have the will and courage to fight, then you are a slave wannabe. Put another away, there is no difference between a person who wants to be a slave, and a person who is not willing to fight for their liberty. No difference.

Done it before, and would do it again, in a heartbeat.

Underage for the military, but I’d fight.

No. I will not. Seeing this, only makes me even MORE opposed to even more bloodshed. Killing people, killing innocents will not stop it.

It only makes me wish for peace, even more, as corny as that sounds.

I will. I used to hunt squirrels as a boy, and I’m still a fairly good shot. I love my nation, and I want revenge on her enemies. I’m also muscular, in excellent cardiovascular health, and I can fight. Freedom isn’t free.

My ship out date into the U.S. ARMY was put on hold for a little while. My master sergent told me I would be one of the first picked to go. I am hopefull and confident I will get the chance to serve the U.S. by fighting.

We have to wait on the politicans first.

To me, it isn’t about fighting for freedom, or not wanting to give up my comfort.

It’s that I can’t kill anyone. I can’t. I won’t. I will not participate in anymore lives being lost. I’m serious.