WAR...So are ya ready to put up or shut up?

Forgive the taunting title, I’m only trying to get your attention, not your ire.

This is the worst thing to happen to America since Pearl harbor, and it’s worse than Pearl Harbor. So 80% of the American public is ready to go to war. Most of the people here seem pretty supportive of the prospect, and have been so since Tuesday. It’s supposedly the only answer.


Are ya ready to enlist? Among those of you who are so very determined that war is the answer…are you prepared to do what like-minded men (and women!) did in WWII and put your very own ass on the line? Hmm? And if you really are too old… are you encouraging your children to do so?

And if you aren’t…why not? And is it legitimate for you to yell that war is the answer if you aren’t willing to go fight it yourselves?

These questions are not a covert jab… I’d really like to know. I’d like to know if anyone has asked themselves that. I think it bears examination. It’s very easy to call for war when you it’s someone else who is going to be fighting it.

And of course, the question is moot for those Dopers who are already in the armed services, the reserves, or are retired from same, because the question was answered before it was asked. This question is for everybody else, and very particularly those speaking loudest for war.


PS: My peace-love-and-understanding stance is being eroded by the bellicose words coming out of Afghanistan, btw. But I’m still unconvinced that we can really make a dent in terrorism with conventional warfare. I still believe it may make us feel better without really solving anything. And I hear more and more people agreeing with me. None of which has any bearing on the question at hand, really, I just wanted to update my stance. And I will also answer the question by freely stating that I am a total coward and always have been. When the kids in school beat me up I just rolled into a ball and let them. So no, I won’t be enlisting. I’m also an obese 43 year old woman, so I don’t think the services will be disappointed at the news.

Yes. Next question?

Yes, I am. But I’m too old, my children are too young but we will do whatever we can as civilians to support the armed forces and the country’s leaders.

I enlisted in 1971, and you’ll recall there was an ongoing concern called the Vietnam War going on at the time. When I enlisted, I swore the oath that’s required of all those entering the military. Just because I got out doean’t mean that oath was invalidated.

Yes, I’d go again. I am, however, no longer physically qualified.

Would I encourage my son to enlist? He’s only ten, and I don’t know if he’d be “military material” yet. If he does choose to enlist when he’s old enough, I’ll support him wholeheartedly. The military is an honorable profession.

I’m not even American. Sign me up. Actually, I’ve already made sure my name’s still on the supplementary reserve list, just in case.

yes. I joined the Army in 1971, got out in 1985, I could still be a support troop (I was an medic to start out, then a supply sergeant.

I’m in no kind of shape to join the armed forces, but if it comes to an actual war (and I don’t think it really will) I will support the armed forces in whatever cvilian capacity I can.

If they call, I will enlist.


I am waiting for the “help wanted” signs on the Pentagon, and looking in the “counterterroism” section of the classifieds.

121 views, 7 replies, all yes.

I know with a certainty I rarely experience that I would definately fail the initial medical (I’ve got medical records so thick you could beat an elephant to death with them :slight_smile: ). However, I would help as much as I could in an unofficial or administrative capacity.

Although your point is lost on me, because I plan on enlisting if we have a full-fledged war that involves and needs additional troops*, it is an invalid criticism of other people.

If it is prudent for our country to go to war, it has a military force to do that. It would be no more or less prudent whether the person making the assertion is themself going or not.

It either is, or it isn’t.

[sub]* That’s if they’ll take me. I’m very, very nearsighted. Maybe I can work something out with a local laser surgeon.[/sub]

Personally I’m leaning toward, “yes I would,” but probably for somewhat selfish reasons mixed up with a litlle patriotism.

First of all, I’m a little upset about NYC and DC being attacked.
But I’m also at a personal turning point in my life. As a result, I find myself doing a great deal of self-analysis. I’ve figured out that I, like most of my generation, have never been tested. The state of my life these days (it’s been better) leads me to believe that testing myself in a venture such as this wouldn’t be the dumbest idea in the world.

Would that make me a good soldier or a bad one? I don’t think I’d be personally filled with blood-lust going in. I have no idea how actual combat might change that. I would be serving my country, but I’d be doing it for myself first and foremost.

Although, I am 36, so I’m getting a little long in the tooth.

I am a fat chick who is no longer in the full bloom of youth. But of course I’d contribute in any way I could.

So what’s your point? Your thread title was a bit ambiguous. I’m sure a lot of people who veiwed it weren’t sure what the question was, exactly.

Also, I get the impression that this question is not directed at people who are too old, too ill, too young, have already enlisted, don’t have kids they can encourage to enlist, or are against war, but they have undoubtedly viewed this thread as well.

Or guests who aren’t registered members. Or people who don’t really want to say anything one way or the other. Or people who have already responded checking on new responses. Etc.

As for me, I haven’t decided. For one thing, I’m waiting to see what sort of form military action will take. I’m not particularly keen on taking part in the indiscriminate killing of of civilians, but would have no problem with risking my life to rid the world of the evil that is the Taliban and Osama bin Laden.


At 38, they might not want me, though.

What was your point about the number of views? If you’re trying to draw the conclusiont that only 7 out of 121 would volunteer, I suggest you remember that many people here are under age or over age, or people from other countries (like me), or people that have viewed those pages multiple times. So your poll is probably worthless.

Or people from outside the US.

Since your age ,weight and cowardness (as definied by you) preclude you from “putting up”…does that mean you’ll do the alternative option in your OP?

Well, I’m not one of the 80% willing to go to war right now. But I’ll answer anyway, and I’ll be brutally honest. I would not enlist, and I would strongly encourage my husband to do the same. I would just be too scared to let him go. I’m not one of the millions of people who would be brave enough to do it myself, or to send a loved one. Maybe if we do go to war, in the time of crisis I’ll find courage I didn’t know I had.

No, I wouldn’t enlist. I’m completely out of shape (and female), but I’m healthy and of military age.
I’m feeling ambiguous about war. I have no problem whatsoever with wiping the guilty off the face of this planet, and wouldn’t feel too upset if it involved taking the Taliban with them, but I think that far too many poor, disenfranchised, and miserable people would die as well.
I don’t think that I could kill anybody myself, anyway. This may be hypocritical of me, but unless I were (God forbid) in a kill-or-be killed situation, I don’t think that I have it in me. I also don’t think that I would do well in such a rigid hierarchical situation.