If you support war, are you willing to fight in it?

Im just wondering- Out of the people who agree with going to war in Iraq, how many of you are actually willing to fight??? Is anyone bold enough to support a war but not to fight in it? I understand some people are too old to fight- but hypothetically lets say you were young again… And if you are a women: would you be willing to send your husband off to war? Also keep in mind that if you support a war, you are assuming that Iraq has WMD and could very well be used in battle.

Anti- war views NEED NOT POST!!! I am only interested in people who support invading Iraq

I are not a women. But I understand some of them are in the military heading Iraq’s way.

Just a leetle clarification.

Ok right, but military is made up mostly of men, and lets say the Draft was in effect (hypothetically- lets not get off track here)

I would go if I there were no restrictions against women in combat.

I’d go if there was a way I could help without much physical exertion. No real handicaps, just overweight and out of shape. I’d drive people around on the front lines, though, I’d just not want someone else’s life to depend on me being able to hike 10 miles or run one.

This leads back to an idea I’ve had for some time. I wish there was a branch of the military where you didn’t have to do grunt work, get a haircut, or exercise. Members would just stay reasonably healthy, do useful work around the base and pick up a gun if needed or ordered to. There are a lot of people who would be willing to do that for virtually no pay if it provided food and lodging and let us help out. You don’t need to be able to run a mile in nine minutes to help out with stuff like guard duty or driving officers around, and it would free up people who have been rigourously trained for combat who get stuck doing odd jobs around the base.

If I was asked to fight for my country, I would. Otherwise, I have a wife to care for. In the interest of full-disclosure, though, I have a college degree and a strong technical background, and the odds of me being a grunt are pretty small. That being said, if I knew I was going to be a grunt, I would fight anyway. If I knew that I was going to die, still, I would fight.

Fortunately, this isn’t too much of an issue, since we have a large body of men who have already volunteered to fight and defend out country.

I filled out my draft form. When my country calls me to defend my family & freedom, I will go.

My brother-in-law, a marine who married my sister 4 months ago, is shipping off tonight for Iraq actually. He already fought in Desert Storm. I told him how proud we are of him, how much we thank him, and that he will be in our prayers.


You can bet your purple ass on it. Despite my differences with our government, I would do whatever was necessary and asked of me. Would I like it? Probably not, but I would do it in a minute. Keeping in mind that it takes 5 support personnel to manage one infantry soldier, there's a lot more than fighting to be done.

I assume that he would use them anywhere and whenever he chose to. I think that is the point.

Yes, I would, in whatever capacity I could.


And maybe if Ann Coulter, who supports this war so much, would fight on the front lines and put her money where her mouth is, we’d be a lot better off.

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Oops… I forgot this was great debates and not the BBQ pit. Sorry. I think I’ll start a rant over there.

Would the United States really be better off if Ann Coulter knew how to shoot?

I’m sorry, but I don’t generally buy the OP’s premise. It’s not a logical argument to say that to support the government doing something you must be willing to be the employee that does it. I think the government should have fire departments, but I personally do not want to be a firefighter.

First of all, this is a ridiculous question. Let’s try applying it to other things:

If you support the building of skyscrapers, are you willing to go up and work on one?

If you support environmental monitoring at the South Pole, are you willing to go there and do it?

These types of questions seem clever to certain kinds of people, but all they are is a substitute for real thought and real discussion of real issues.
And yes, I’d go. I tried to sign up when I was younger, but flat feet and glasses meant they didn’t want me.

If my country called up my selective service number, I would go (to Canada, Oh Canada…) No just kidding, I would serve.

I would be somewhat hesitent volintarly signing up if Clinton was running the ship as I don’t think he really understood the military, but could very likely under the Bushes.

As for actually being on the front lines, I don’t know but perhaps If I had something to keep my mind off the fact that people were shooting at my ass, perhaps the engineer corps. I can just see it now, I’ll be waiting in a nice safe area just waiting by the satilite phone for a call that they need a bridge constructed, then get in my huey and fly over there and build one…wait this is a desert, they don’t need no stinkin’ bridge.

Enough fun

Answer to the OP

I don’t think this is a ridiculous question. It’s one thing to advocate that we risk the lives of thousands of US citizens and end the lives of thousands of foreign combatents and noncombatents.

It’s quite another to be willing (hypothetically at the very least) to shoulder some of that risk and hardship yourself.

I believe that this question is a useful reality check.

As for me, on balance I favor an invasion of Iraq; I say that with not a little reluctance. And yes, I would be willing to serve if drafted.

A conflict in Nicaragua would be another matter…

Yes I support the war, and yes I am willing to fight in it - right now I am in ROTC, so it will be a couple of years before I am commisioned, but if I was ordered to go out and fight now I would have no problems doing so.


I seriously doubt my unit will be sent to Iraq (although if the Iraqis decide to come on in through Jordan, I’m the first line of defense), but I guess I could take a few scuds. I mean, been there, done that, got the gas mask.


I don’t think you’ll be asked to fight for your country. I think you’ll be told .

Only with my rules. No more of the Vietnam BS. Hard sharp fast and over.