Who will say the N-word in public first: Biden or Trump?

With Biden’s increasing flair for gaffes, including saying that poor kids are just as smart as white kids, it seems to me the odds that a moment may be coming where Biden will be so overcome with a “I must show them how woke and cool I am” moment that he’ll drop the n-bomb like Jimmy in Pulp Fiction. And we’ve always known Trump to be capable of it (don’t tell me he’s never said it in the WH. Just… don’t), but who is more likely to do so in public, first?

Public poll.

Neither. I vote for Cory Booker saying it, although in his case, it would be in proper context.

Biden. Trump would’ve said it already if he was going to.

Neither, but if there are tapes out there I’d bet on trump.

I think that the bolded part of Biden’s statement really gives an insight to his thoughts. Maybe it is another mis-spoke and maybe it is a revealing statement. I do not know which.

But this is a point in time when the Democratic party really needs someone who is on top of their game, in order to oppose Trump. And I just don’t see Biden being the person to do that. He is coming across as a representative of the old party. The next in line part of the old guard when the party seems to be wanting new blood. Another inevitability.

Put him up against Trump, and you get 4 more years of Trump.

I doubt either will, but I’d favor Biden first by a slight margin. Trump may be racist, but he doesn’t sound like the N-word type of racist.

Trump would mean it though. Biden would say it by accident while trying to say something completely different.

Neither, unless for some reason Trump has to read “Niger” off the teleprompter.

Here’s to hoping Niger stays out of the news.

I was going to give Trump this tiny bit of credit, but Biden’s been in the public eye just as long. I don’t know how Joe eats when he’s always putting his foot in his mouth. You could switch the words “Biden” and “Trump” in your statement and it would make just as much sense given their histories and their… complexities.

Does it count if someone finally pulls out the Apprentice tapes?

I think the first one to say it will be when evidence comes out that one of them said it in the past and he will bluster “I never said n-”. I’m going to vote Trump because Biden’s been through two successful national elections while Trump was never expected to win and all the stops weren’t pulled.

I vote Biden plagerizing a speech from Malcolm X.

I respectfully disagree. Trump is known to be a profane tyrant in private. It’s hardly a leap to imagine him using racist words to go along with all of those “motherfuckers”.

They both might say it. But Trump’s the one who would mean it.

I think probably this.

Joe doesn’t seem to dislike black folks as a class, but he spent a long time in politics pandering to white racists.

Donny Trump doesn’t seem to think much of anybody, and he clearly got into politics thinking that playing to white racism was the thing to do, going on to surround himself with bigots like Stephen Miller & Steve Bannon.

I don’t know what dark thoughts lurk behind Joe Biden’s smile; but in public persona, & probably in private, Trump is a misanthrope, & mean.

It may depend on the political situation in Niger. If something bad happens and Trump has give a public statement…