What is this friggin' "tape" I keep hearing about that tRump is scrambling to suppress?

I keep “breaking news” on TikTok (don’t judge, they have a lot of funny content) about a previously unreleased tape of a conversation wherein tRump says some damning things. Yeah, I know, we’ve seen this movie before. But none of these TikTokers seem to have any access to audio excerpts from the tape, and after the third clickbaity post, I’m at my rope’s end.

Yes, I realize this will probably turn out to be another nothing-berder. But I want to hear a Doper or two tell me it’s a nothing-berder, because you guys will provide context.

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Could be this?

Seems pretty nothing to me.

There have long been suggestions that Trump used the n-word in tapings of ‘‘The Apprentice’’, but it’s never been proven.

I saw something pop up on my Tablet on YouTube. I don’t click much of that.

But look there.

No tapes involved but there were some Epstein documents released recently that have some very explicit things about Trump in them. None of it is proven, etc but when Trump was asked about releasing the Epstein files he hesitated hard.

The video @BeepKillBeep linked to was released by the Trump campaign on Truth Social so that one is less a leak and more Trump’s idea of stealth bragging.

Yes that is the tape.

ooooo what’s that thing he’s holdng?

I remember rumors of this in 2016. But I wondered then, and I wonder now:

So what? To most of his followers, that’s not a bug, it’s a feature. Why is it presumed that he’d lose votes for this?

Don’t know how many times it needs to be said. It’s not about changing votes. It’s about getting out people who might not vote because they don’t like the choices they have. Bumping up black voter turnout could be huge for Biden. Those that are going to vote for Trump will vote for him no matter what.

Yeah, bragging, as well as some out-in-the-open manipulation of Joe Biden. Trump calling him a “quitter” will do more to ensure he refuses to step aside than anything else possibly could.

Trump really, really wants Biden to remain the candidate.

Perhaps this tape in which one of Epstein’s former victims describes Trump raping her when she was 13? (Spoiler-tagged because of content)

I’m having trouble believing that there is a sizable number of Black voters out there who are not planning on voting now, but would vote if they knew Trump used the n-word some – what? ten years ago?. I’m pretty sure that anyone who knows much at all about Trump assumes he uses the n-word all the time when speaking in private.

I started hearing rumblings myself last week about a n-word tape from Trump’s time on The Apprentice. I had presumed that that was what the OP was referencing. No tape has surfaced as far as I am aware and, without a tape or at least some form of corroboration, I have to place this firmly in the rumor category.

That said, it absolutely fits his character and is a more than plausible scenario. It’s very little removed from things he’s actually said in public.

It might have made a difference if it had come out in 2016.


Trump has fouled the public discourse so much, that I doubt it would make any difference.

Right. Trump could rape a crying 13-year-old on Park Avenue and it wouldn’t cost him votes.

This Youtube video is somewhat clickbaity in the title but talks about something that has been glossed over with all this post-debate fallout: Boris Epshteyn has also benefited from some sexual indiscretions being paid off:

For those who would rather read than watch, here is a link to an article about it.

Not to be confused with the alleged Russian “pee tape”!

What’s the difference between a Garbanzo bean and a Chickpea? :crazy_face: