Who will win Wimbledon?

I’ve had my bet on the TAB $800 to $50 Andy Roddick.

“Walk softly and carry a 142 mph serve”

Go boy.

Sampras. He will quit after the final.

Alternatively, I’d say Henman or Federer.

Sampras - eliminated
Federer - eliminated
Henman - English

Andy now third favourite at 7/1.

Go go go.

My predictions are doing great. I predicted France-Argentina as the final of the football world cup. :smack:

Venus Williams and some tall, untalented European with a powerful serve. Doesn’t matter that Goran Ivanesivic isn’t playing- someone just like him will win.

Hell, I thought I was the only one … can I come out from under the rock now?

Wimbledon final: The Poo v The Brat, the Poo to win in 4 sets.

(hope I’m wrong on all counts)

Men’s Final:

Henman vs. Hewitt – who wins ? Hmmm, it’ll be close…

Not one of the Williams-sister I hope. Maybe can win Richard Krajicek, but Hewitt is the favorite now, with Andre en Pete out.

Tim Henman will lose, tragically, again, in the semi final’s to astorian’s tall, untalented European with a big serve and unpronouncable name. A Williams sister will win the ladies. The BBC will orgasm over Tim’s every move. Teenage girls will wet themselves of Tim’s every move.

The continued popularity of Wimbledon and the continued inablity of anybody from the UK to win it is a reflection on the fact that the British love Wimbledon but couldn’t give a toss about tennis.

But we’ll beat India at cricket;)

They both have a great chance at winning it outright but they would meet at the semi-final stage. If you’re looking for the tall and untalented, I’d go beyond Europe - Philippoussis seems to fit the bill. Roddick’s got a tough match today against Rusedski but he’ll probably win.

It kills me to say it but I’d go for Henman to win it. If he can beat Wayne Ferreira, he looks to have a handy route to the semis and is one of the few proven grass court performers left. He also seems to have learned to use the crowd rather than be overwhelmed by the pressure of expectation.

Given my recent prediction record, get your money on Ferreira. Now.

I’m betting on the blancmange.

(somebody had to say it)

You know, I looked at the draw twice (because , on the seeding, you’d have thought they would meet in the semi’s) yet still thought they just avoided each other. Hey ho.

One hell of a semi looming.

Whatever you think of Henman, the way he copes so well with the pressure has to be admired.

I think Henman’s looking like he actually, maybe, possibly has a chance to win this year.

Which means, of course, he’ll lose in the semis to Hewitt.

My money’s on Hewitt or that tall unpronouncable man with a big serve.

As for the women, it’ll be one of the Venus sisters again. Eh. I’m more interested in watching Navratilova in the doubles. You have to respect a woman who can still play to Wimbledon standards at 46.

Respect Navratilova, yes, but doesn’t it show how pathetic women’s doubles tennis is when somebody who is 10 years past her sell by date is still competetive?

I have to say Boris Becker is no McEnroe when it comes to commentating. Boris is joint commentator at the moment and that German humour just keeps shining through.

Also, his attempts at pronouncing ’ Philippoussis’ are improving but he still has me rolling around…

"Charles: Yes. So these blancmanges, blancmange-shaped creatures come from the planet Skyron in the Galaxy of Andromeda. They order 48,000,000 kilts from a Scottish menswear shop … turn the population of England into Scotsmen (well known as the worst tennis-playing nation on Earth) thus leaving England empty during Wimbledon fortnight! Empty during Wimbledon fortnight … what’s more the papers are full of reports of blancmanges appearing on tennis courts up and down the country - practising. This can only mean one thing!
Voice Over: and caption on sceeen : ‘THEY MEAN TO WIN WIMBLEDON’ " :smack:

For some reason, I’m kinda rooting for Philippoussis here. It’s just that, with so many clayheads ditching Wimbledon altogether, and the top seeds being overwhelmed by the atmosphere and crumbling, and Sampas not even able to contend here anymore, and all the other old stars fading…compared to all that, well, a cannonball server with limited other skills looks practically golden. These days, simply showing up and playing your best game is worth something.

My other sentimental choice, of course, is Henman, but it’s doubtful that he’ll be able to handle all the pressure all the way to the end. Man, you thought Phil Mickelson has it bad…

It’s going to be fellow dutchman King Richard or Philippoussis for me.

Men’s: couldn’t care less. Henman will do the decent British thing and choke somewhere short of actually winning it. He always does, he always will. He’s British. That’s what we do.

Women’s: all I care about is seeing as much as possible of the awesome, strong, athletic, disciplined, graceful, talented and crazy-hair-beautiful Serena Williams strut her magic stuff. So here’s hoping she at least makes the final, even if her sister lifts the silverware.

Poor Henman. Not his fault he’s English. He might otherwise have a chance. What would happen if an Englishman won the Wimbledon?