Who wins?

These three men fight to the death in a five-star Manhattan hotel. All weapons allowed. No using any weapons from the exterior of the hotel including sniper rifles.

James Bond (1995 Pierce Brosnan Bond)




The art from the original game is what he would look like.


Léon: The Professional (1994 Jean Reno)
Who wins?

Leon is the only one who’s known to be willing to sacrifice himself to ensure mission completion. He fights long enough to realize that he’s outclassed, and then suicide-bombs all three.

Bond is an excellent opportunistic fighter. Whatever is in the hotel room is a weapon for him - and that’s aside from his own skill at fighting. And, he seems to be able to talk his way out of any deadly situation as well. I would never bet against 007.

Should have made it Daniel Craig’s Bond. He would likely win.

I also pick Leon.

Agent 47 would infiltrate the hotel as a guest, a bellhop, a maid, whichever is most convenient and efficient. He’d swiftly and silently assassinate the other two. No one would even know he was there.

Batman leaves them all tied up for the police.

Or George Lazenby Bond…he was in the Aussie special forces.