Who would like to drive me to Indianapolis International Airport Thursday morning at 5AM?

What? It can’t hurt to ask.

From where? Would you pay me? I live in Indiana and am usually up at 5am.

From Binford and 75th in Indianapolis. I’d pay… I don’t know, maybe twenty bucks?

Ah, I probably can’t do that. I live about 80 miles out of Indianapolis.

I would but I’m…uh…washing my hair at that time. Sorry

Try the “rideshare” section of craigslist

Thanks, I’ll look into that.

You need to be at the airport by 5, or leave your house by 5?

Leave by 5 to get there in time for a 6:45 flight.

I’ll do it.

Although I’m in London, uk so the logistics may be tricky.

There’s a reason the cheapest flights you can find are before 7 am: no one wants to get up that damned early!

Take a cab