Who would you cast for a Crysis movie?

So I’m watching k-swiss ads, and suddenly the thought dawns on me that Patrick Willis would actually make a good Prophet, now I’m wondering who could fill the roles of Alcatraz, Psycho, Hargreave and others, and of course this theoretical movie would need a director, I’m thinking Nolan. Your thoughts?

Great idea!
Context for us old people?

Only Dr. Uwe Boll has the requisite experience with video game adaptations to be worth mentioning for this film.

Dr. Uwe Boll is a crisis unto himself. How he is allowed to make movies is an anathema to me.

I’m hoping that theaters don’t have the hardware to run it.


Psycho clearly has to be Jason Statham. I would make Psycho the main character too, as he is a much better character than Nomad or Alcatraz (by the end of Crysis 2, Alcatraz is literally just a bag of meat)