You remake the movie.

Today, for no reason whatsoever, I thought that Owen Wilson would be a good actor to play Billy (Dennis Hopper) in Easy Rider. Christian Slater, whose whole career has been an extended Jack Nicholson impersonation, could play George Hansen. J Lo could play Toni Basil’s role and Kate Hudson could be Carrie Snodgrass.

I was stuck for Wyatt. Huge Jackman? Jim Carrey (the pretentious Jim not the retarded Jim). Colin Farrel-- he’d be good. But then I thought I could have John Waters direct. Farrel would be out and Crispin Glover is in.

The premise of a hippie wandering around and bumping up against the conservative south would work today. Only not a hippie and not necessarily the South-- an atheist gay man in the Bible Belt could work.

What would you do with an old movie?

I have always had this fond idea that David Duchovny would be perfect to play the Will Kane role in High Noon. Too bad it was already remade in 2000 with Tom Skerritt.