Who would you go gay for?

The title pretty much says it all. :smiley:

Uhm, since I’m not at all attracted to other men, there isn’t a man alive that I would go gay for.

However if I ever find myself in prison I may end up going gay for the big burly guy in the shower, whether or not I want to. :eek:

How bout answering your own question? Who’d you go gay for?

Hm…if i was hard pressed to choose, I’d have to say…Jared Leto. That guy is pretty good looking. I’d kiss him. :smiley:

No one. I’m not gay.

However, I have sometimes really wished I was gay. Gay guys have it all going on. In grad school, I would frequently visit friends who lived in Boys’ Town in Chicago, a hip and predominantly gay neighborhood. In between begging women for dates until they pepper-sprayed me, I would get hit on constantly. (I think being super tall factored in somehow, although I’m not sure how.) Incredibly smooth flirting – friendly and nice, but with direct, undisguised interest. I learned a lot from it – eventually, even though women still pepper-sprayed me, they wouldn’t knee me in the groin while I was lying on the ground clawing at my eyes. It was nice.

Lilah on Angel
Gwen on Angel
I know there are more people, but I can’t think of anybody right now…

I am already gay, but I would go straight for Guy Ritchie. Just his arms, though. And his shoulders. And his brain. But mostly his arms.

Audrey Tautou

I’m irretrievably heterosexual. I had a prostate exam for a flight physical once. Once. I felt violated for a week. I’d make a terrible homosexual.

If I had been an adult during the 1930’s and 40’s, I’d go right after Vivien Leigh and Rita Hayworth.

From the fifties through the seventies, I’d have been hopelessly in lust with Elizabeth Taylor. (Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, anyone? Rowr…)

Today, well…I think Catherine Zeta-Jones is simply breathtakingly gorgeous, but not enough to change my sexual preferences. Possibly Kathleen Turner. She’s more in my age group anyway. :smiley:

Elizabeth Hurley, for some reason.

Wait’ll you turn 50 Johnny; after that a finger won’t do - it’s time for the 'scope. :slight_smile:

Can’t think of a male I’d care to smooch with, or do anything else sexual with.

mmmm, yeah, me too…

Oh hang on, I’m a bloke, so it doesn’t count.

Ewan MacGregor (with beard as in Episode 2) - I’m not sure how far I’d go though, probably just sort of embarrassed manly cuddling etc.

This is great. I’ve noticed that the females are more inclined to speak out when it comes to homosexuality. C’mon fellas, don’t be shy. I know there’s at least one guy every guy’d smooch with. Now that I think of it, Jim Morrison was a cuteman as well. I’d definetly cuddle with him…

If I was female and gay, me too.

That is of course, if he was still alvie :slight_smile:

Well, uh, you’re wrong.

Angelina Jolie. I think it’s the lips.

Monica Bellucci

I dunno. The Rock?

Rob Thomas