Who would you go gay for?

Bill Gates…as long as there was no promissory estoppel beforehand, it only lasted .000000018 seconds, and he gave me complete, irrevocable power of attorney.


Cameron Diaz. Adorable and not very girly. A definite winner. And if she wasn’t available, I take either Drew Barrymore or Janeane Garofalo. See, the same underlying thing… they’d HAVE to be fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

Martha Stewart.

What? She’s rich, not bad looking, she cooks.

What else is there?

I named her in the “5 people you’d get a pass from your SO to be with” thread not so long ago, but she’s so cute, I’ll say it again…


If I can’t have her, I guess I’ll take Ani DiFranco.

Why do guys always mention unpleasant prostate exams in threads about being gay? I don’t like pap smears or associated examing one bit, but that doesn’t mean I’m uninterested in sex there.

IMHO, I think part of it has to do with how uncomfortable guys are with the entire gay thing. Most of us won’t ever admit to even being indifferent to something that could be construed in the least bit gay. I think females are more open. Once again, I think it’s being demonstrated in this thread with some guys not coming out and having a sense of humor about themselves.

On second thought, don’t take anything I say seriously. I don’t even know what the hell I’m saying half the time. Maybe that’s why I lurk so much. How 'bout that Leo DiCaprio?

Umm… Guy Pearce, I suppose?

If I had to go gay, like, if heterosexuality no longer existed:

Queen Latifah

She’s too cute.

Apparently, the first guy who asked.

Kristin Kreuk.

I was never confused! Never confused!

there’s something about Ian Mcklelan (sp?) <shudder>

[sub]actually I admire him as an actor and was disappointed when I found out he was gay[/sub]

Must… Find… Pictures… Of… Britney… Spears!

Re… Straight… Myself!

Brad Pitt. Of course.

Who would I go gay for?

Easy, that’d be- oh, wait. Too late.

LOL smaft

Katherine Zeta Jones OMG I would do her in a heartbeat.
hmm… damn that doesn’t count does it since I’m already BI. I’ll do just about ANY female thats cute :wink:

Oh, my, that is sooo cute!

Megan Mullally

Ooooo, I’M a terrible homosexual. Make ME, Johnny, make ME!
[For me, it simply has to be Johnny L.A., or no one].

Alyson Hannigan in a heartbeat.

Harisu. She’s biologically male though, so I don’t know if that counts. :smiley: