Who would you like to see get tackled?

I’m sure many people ( I can’t say all, obviously) have seen some sports clip of an American football game where some player just gets smashed by someone else, the kinds of hits that just make you turn away and say “Wow!”

My question is, if you could make that happen to anyone you wanted anytime with no repercussions, who/what/where would it be?

Ah, Nyquil is my muse…

George W. Bush.
Kim Jong Il.
Saddam Hussein.
The guy who cut me off in traffic this morning.

All for very different reasons, mind you…

Everyone on this forum that answers ‘George W. Bush’ to this question.

Nah. GWB is old hat. No fun tackling him. I vote as tacklees the guys running the corporation in Japan that hunts the whales.

The Burger King.

The entire cast of Will and Grace.

Clay Aiken


Sean Hannity

Yeah. I keep watching the advert where he does that broken-field run, thinking maybe this time he’ll get taken down.

Local (Houston) radio talk host Chris Baker. What an annoying mook.

Or Simon Cowell. Can’t stand the smarmy bastard, for some reason.

Political figures/news media:
Bill O’Riley
Ann Coulter
Michael Moore
Arianna Huffington
Dick Cheney
Hillary Clinton

Britney Spears
Brad Pitt
Ben Afleck
Paris Hilton

Random people known only to me:
The Dean of Student Life where I went to college
The World’s Dumbest Business Analyst who I work with on a daily basis

The guy playing the President on 24. Gang Tackled. Hard. Cleated.

I would love to watch Martha Stewart disappear under somebody’s defensive line.

I’d keep it in the football family: that [pick one: stupid/crooked] ref who nearly threw the Steelers-Colts game last weekend.
Okay, one more. Any of those faceless, gormless movie “critics” (actually, totally shameless blurb whores) whose fatuous words of praise fill up the ads for the lamest flicks. Susan Granger, anybody?
“'The feel-good movie of the ye…”[WHOOMMPPHHH!!]

Oprah Winfrey - tackled by a team composed entirely of William “THe Refrigerator” Perry clones.


By Andy Garcia.


What? No link to this classic tackling commercial?

The bitchy red-haired secretary in the office where I work. I want to see only her white, fringed cowboy boots sticking out from under a pile of 300 pound men like a latter-day Wicked Witch of the East, which she is.

Glad I got THAT off my chest…

…the OP, for having a great username.

::gets on the Bus to Beelzebub::

Earl Dittman is the new Susan Granger.

Anyone with severe leprosy.

Tom Cruise
Keanu Reeves
Jane Fonda
Barbra Streisand
Jesse Jackson
Pat Robertson
Nancy Grace
Andrew Fastow