Who WOULDN'T want this roommate?

Here you go!

:eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

I wondered briefly if it’s a spoof or a joke, but it’s a good one if it is - not so exaggerates as to be unbelievable. The idea of sharing an efficiency with this lout makes me ill. I can just imagine the Bisquick/Clorox smell that would permeate.

Yah. Who wouldn’t want that wanker?

Oh my God. That nearly made me laugh out loud.

So who wouldn’t to live with a naked chick that jerks off out in the open? I dunno. Sounds like it’d be . . . distracting.

I think “w/m” means “white male” and not “WoMan”. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Is he still looking 3 years later?? That’s some housing market!

Exactly. And with all due respect to the female friends out there who like to dial “O” on the pink telephone, guys make more of a mess. The idea of this guy parading around his efficiency apartment, stark naked, projectile jizzing all over everything, AND WANTS A ROOMMATE, is far grosser. :stuck_out_tongue:

Naked, projectile-masturbating SWM seeks flexible, yoga-master SWF for target practice in efficiency apt. No weirdos. Send SAE.

Sad thing? I think that was my roommate from years back. I was soooo glad when he moved out.

His name was Willie.

Why does this not surprise me? :smiley:

Jeez, I was driving on that Jones Road yesterday. I hope he didn’t throw any spunk on my car.

Oh, that’s all right then. I’d much rather have a white dude walking around jerking off than a white chick walking around jerking off. I wouldn’t want my parents to think I’m a lesbian or anything.


But it’s OK if my parents think I’m a lesbian.

You’re female? :confused:

:: looks more closely ::

I’m so sorry. All the facial hair confused me.

I kid! I kid! :smiley:

You sure it wasn’t Dick?

Meg Griffin: I’m going to the mall the later, maybe you can come and help me pick out some underwear.
Brian Griffin: Uhh, I don’t think that’s going to be a possibility, uhhh, I have plans, with Chris! Chris and I have plans this afternoon!
Chris Griffin: [Chris walks by] We do?
Brian Griffin: Yeah, yeah! We’re doing that thing, we’re doing what you usually do on a Thursday afternoon!
Chris Griffin: Masturbate?
Brian Griffin: That’s it, that’s what we’re going to do together.
Chris Griffin: Well, maybe back to back, but I gotta tell you, I’m not 100% on this.

Who wouldn’t want to live with a 39yo dude who can’t afford an efficiency apartment by himself?! Dude’s a keeper!

At least he’s up front about everything…

Hi Bob, I’m home!

  • Oh hi, Geoff. fap fap fap fap

You been using the bleach again? And what’s that you’re cooking? Smells like pancakes!

  • No, it’s meat and two veg. fap fap fap fapfapfapfapfap FAPFAPFAP FAP With, er… something pan-fried on the side.

How about this for a roomate.

That raises a whole bunch of questions, most of which I don’t really want the answers to.