Who wrote and/or sings "Everclear"

A friend of mine found an mp3 of a song called “Everclear”. It’s about the liquor. He thought that it was by Robert Earl Keene Jr., and it certainly sounds like him, and like his king of song. However, my brother’s friend knows everything about, and every song by, REK Jr., and he says it’s not an REK song.

Just to clarify the song, here are some of the lyrics that I remember:

“When I’m drinking everclear, I’m king of this whole world,
I’m bigger and badder than John Wayne, and cooler that Steve Earl…”
[I hope that’s not too much to violate any rules.]

Verse 1 is about trying to get a girl drunk, but she passes out.
Verse 2 is about spiking the watermelons at a Baptist picnic.
Verse 3 is about him getting drunk and waking up naked in some unknown place… " I hope that she was pretty, and I hope that she was kind, enough to leave my clothes someplace they’re easy to find."
Anybody know who sings this song? Or can at least confirm whether or not it’s an REK song?


According to the stuff I found with a Google search, Everclear is a song by Pat Green.

Thank you. But that website keeps wanting me to install some crap that I don’t trust. Following a link it seems that he’s the guy who sings that “Wave on wave” song.

However, I looked that the songs from his albums via Amazon and a site linked to from the azlyrics site, but didn’t find an album of his with this song on it. The azlyrics site doesn’t say, (it just pisses me off).

Can anyone confirm this?


Sorry, I use Mozilla and so I don’t get all of the popups like that. Don’t know about the “Wave on wave” song.

Okay, I googled that, too, and got a list of songs (and lyrics) that doesn’t seem to be filled with popups. Try this one. I can’t find what album (if any) that Everclear appears on.

I don’t want you to think that I don’t appreciate your help, but that link gives me a similar type of “Do you want to install [unidentified crap]? (Click ‘Yes’ or die!!!)” messages.

I’m sure that some REK or Pat Green fans will come along soon.

It might possibly be “The Everclear Song” by Roger Creager. His “Having Fun All Wrong” CD is available at Amazon.com and you can listen to about 30 sec. of “The Everclear Song” to see if that’s the one you’re talking about.

Hope this helps.

We have a winner!! I listened to it and it’s the song.

By the way, here’s a quote from the first review: "If you are a fan of Jerry Jeff Walker, Robert Earl Keen or Pat Green then I promise you that you will love Roger’s cd. " I guess that’s why there was some confusion. Perhaps the others have covered it, but what I heard sounded exactly like the song.

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