Whoa - Apparently I look like Keanu Reeves

Using this new site that I found, I uploaded a picture of myself and let their face recognition SW find the closests celebrity match.

Cool. I mean, whoa.

Good grief. In order of their listing:

Yassar Arafat.
Yitzhak Rabin
Rachel Weisz
Kirsten Dunst
Jesse Metcalf and
George Harrison.

Wow. Of course, I’m female, or at least, I think I am, so I’m having a bit of an identity crisis right now…

Also, it’s interesting to note that I am neither Jewish, Middle Eastern, Mexican, British or Kirsten Dunst… I’m gonna have to try another picture.

Huh, that’s a really interesting site. I ran two different photos and each time I got nothing but Asian women. And, maybe not coincidently, I’ve had a couple of Asian people ask me if I was Asian recently. Hmmm…

Ashton Kutcher?!

Well, the scary thing is, in that specific picture of me and that specific picture of him, I can kinda see a slight resemblance. But not so with Uma Thurmond, or J-Lo, or two different Asian people!

Fahrah Fawcett
Evangeline Lilly
Eminem (???)
Liv Tyler
Sofia Coppola
Brigette Bardot
Brad Pitt

Very flattering but I don’t find myself nearly as attractive as the people I allegedly look like.

Cool site though.

Ashton Kutcher?!

Well, the scary thing is, in that specific picture of me and that specific picture of him, I can kinda see a slight resemblance. But not so with Uma Thurmond, or J-Lo, or two different Asian people!

Wayne Knight?? Wayne Fricking Knight??


Finishing out the top four are Elton John, Michael Caine and Kathleen Turner. :dubious:

Nobody. Not a soul. I am unique in this world. Go me! :smiley:

The first photo I tried had no matches. The second I tried said I looked like Liam Neeson.

Neither photo was very good. I may have to try again with a better picture.

In scrutinizing my matches a little bit more (and ignoring the fact that most of them are male…) I can actually see the reasoning behind most of the matches. Yasser Arafat comes up as a solid 70% match, based on a picture of him that I think must be about 40 years old or so - he’s quite young in the photo. In the jaw area especially, there’s quite a close resemblance. For overall facial shape the (rather current) picture of Yitzhak Rabin makes sense; I think it’s the eyes that get me to Rachel Weisz, it’s definitely my cheeks that get me Kirstin Dunst and I can see a bit of a resemblance in the pics of Jesse Metcalfe (who I mistakenly thought was of Mexican descent) and George Harrison.

This might explain my strange knack for being mistaken for a native in just about any country I go to. Here in SA, in Egypt and in Thailand, people have often been surprised to learn that I was a foreigner. In the States, no one could figure out what my background was, and the guesses were as varied as Hawaiian, Puerto Rican, black, and so forth.

Interestingly, Time magazine once ran an article with an image generated by creating a composite of many of the different nationalities of the world. My ex-husband swore it looked a lot like me.


Halle Berry (72%)
Idina Menzel (72%)
Shania Twain (72%)
Carrie-Ann Moss (71%)
Bing Crosby (70%)

And I’m a guy!!! Hmmm, no wonder I’m so attracted to Halle Berry…

But I ran a 2nd photo, and got my number 1 as:

Jon Stewart (70%)


First picture, no matches. Second: Lisa Kudrow, Heather Graham, Michelle Pfeiffer, Britney Spears (yecch, I’m insulted). Jodi Foster, and a bunch of people I never heard of including a Japanese woman. I am about as far from a Japanese woman as one can be.

I’ll have to try more pictures. I did look somewhat like Lisa Kudrow in the picture but I think that’s because both were at a similar angle. Or, it’s because my picture had a hunk of hair hanging in my face and so did most of the “matches.”

I apparently look like Anna Nicole Smith.

involuntary shudder

Weird. I did it again with a different picture. Now it says:

Lauren Bacall, Carrie-Anne Moss, Andie MacDowell, an Indian actress (part of her name was blocked off for some reason), Adam Ant.

None of those people look anything like any of the people it came up with for the other picture.

It says I look 61% like Hugh Grant.

At least it chose someone I actually remember the name of…

Pretty cool site. I’ll have to try it out with a larger picture tonight when I get home.

It put me at 59% Hugh Grant, 55% Bjorn (from ABBA) and 49% Robert Oppenheimer.

An eclectic mix of potential matches, but I ain’t seeing it.

Also, it matches my then very young son, with:

Peter Kropotkin
Shirley Temple
Robert Schumann
Hideki Matsui
and Chiang Kai-shek

My daughter is matched to

Marie Trintignant
Oprah Winfrey
Princess Sayako
Zhang Ziyi

before they somehow get to Elie Wiesel (wasn’t he the NAZI hunter?)

I hereby humbly (Ha!) request that we institute a rule for this thread. It’s a caveat to the unofficial kitty thread rule.

If there’s going to be any comparison made, then the original photo submitted must be accompanied in the thread! It’s only fair that we dopers get a chance to draw our own conclusions. :smiley:

I’m going to try this Monday!

If Wynonna Judd does not come up on that list, I’ll be surprised.

Actually for those that are so inclined, you can copy the link to the results and it will work for other people.

As soon as I read the title, I knew this thread would be about that site.

I’ll post a link when I go home, but I used a picture I’ve posted to the Dope once of twice and the thing said I most resembled Chris Tucker. I’m white, and even when my skin is tannest and I’m mistaken for Latino, I don’t look at thing like Chris Tucker. The only resemblance I could find was that we were making the same face. I’ll try again with a different picture later on, but this thing is kind of a joke.