Whoa - what's your pulse-rate?

I’ve just been sitting around for 30 minutes or so, but mine is 83. Seems a bit high. I did have a cup of strong coffee this morning, though. My resting one is usually about 60.

So what is yours, as of this minute? And say what you’re doing.

Yeah, I’m bored and curious.

Dead on at 60. Usually goes between 50-60. I’m 36, I’ve had 5 cups of coffee today (last one was an hour ago), and I’m about 50 lbs. overweight.

And I’m sitting in my garage smoking my pipe (tobacco, not “other”.)

My doctor always says my readings are “textbook”. Then he tells me to lose weight and stop smoking.

Last time I took it at the Target machine it was 93, which I guess is pretty high. I don’t know how to take it myself. It’s always been high, though, so it doesn’t matter.

A resting heartrate is considered normal in an otherwise healthy adult if it’s between 60 and 100.

A resting heartrate of 100 is considered normal?

Anywho, mine is dead on 60 at the moment.

Mine’s 77. Dunno if that’s high or not, but I think it is, especially at my age.

  1. I exercise regularly and have for several years, but mine is still relatively high. It used to be about 105 though when I was 30 lbs heavier and didn’t exercise.
  1. I’m not overweight at all but I’m in pretty crappy cardiovascular shape. Gotta get back to the gym.

I think mine’s been high for ages, despite a cool exterior, I’m quite stressed inside it would seem. I must get back into cycling soon, I used to be a regular on the bike till it broke down and died on me :rolleyes:

  1. I’m doing pretty much nothing. Tainting GQ a bit with wild speculations and conjecture.

Yes, it is.

So all you people worrying because you’re in the 80’s? Don’t. It’s just one of those things that differs from person to person.

64, just came in from walking the dog. I’m on a blood pressure med that slows my pulse but also 50lbs. overweight.(Wow, thats all I have left to lose? w00t!) .

Well, my resting rate lately has been around 45 or so.

That seemed really low, so I asked about it… Guess it’s normal if you do a lot of athletic type stuff at high altitudes (I’m regularly exerting myself above 10,000ft).

  1. I’m sitting at the computer doing nothing. A few minutes ago I walked up the stairs. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a bit overweight and don’t exercise, because I’m terrible like that. Sigh.

Mine’s normally close to 100, but my blood pressure is very low and my doctor has never seemed concerned, so I’m not either.

Usually around 80. I didn’t check now because I just came in from mowing the lawn and it probably elevated.

  1. I’m 35, and lift weights 30 minutes, twice a week.

Man I miss having the time to work cardio. :frowning: My resting rate wasn’t any lower, but I could spin all day long at 172 bpm and hold a conversation.

My heart rate is always high. I live a life of passion!

What QtM said. And he knows his stuff, since he’s a doc, after all.

It would only make sense for there to be variations. They say your heart is about the size of your fist…well, everyone has different size fists. Different heart sizes, different heart rates.

My resting rate is generally about 72. It goes up quickly when I’m exerting myself, but it goes back down quickly too.