Who'd win in a fight between Calvin in Calvin and hobbes vs.The Green lantern vs.God?

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In this fight, Calvin is omnipotent since no one else fro calvin and hobbes is there besides his tiger, the Green Lantern is immune to yellow and god is the Jack chick version of god.
Seems even to me, since they’re all all-powerful…

Surely you mean Spaceman Spiff.

I was so hoping you were going to ask, "Who would win in a fight: Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes, or 16th-century Protestant leader John Calvin?

I’d like to see John Calvin versus Thomas Hobbes. Hobbes talks a good fight, and I’m sure he’d fight dirty, but Calvin would have God on his side and be less likely to get distracted by shiny objects and whores.

Calvin Johnson vs. Hobbes the tiger would also be a pretty evenly matched contest.

Bill Watterson.

Actually, each competitor would have each other in deadlock since each of them is omnipotent, they would destroy each other at the same time or not attack.


Calvin wins, hands down – any mind that can deal with Calvinball is unstoppable.

Calvin. He has a viciousness and cruelty not even Chick’s God has and is way more creative than the other two.

However, its MAD if they attempt anything on each other. The Green Lantern would die first though, it looks like he isn’t as creative to think up the idea to sap each other of their abilities…
Therefore, Calvin and God are stuck in a draw for eternity, waiting silently…

Yep, when playing Calvinball, even Batman :eek: would bite the dust against Calvin, you just can’t prepare for Calvinball.

The problem here is that Jack Chick’s God, to my knowledge, never really “fights;” Instead, He simply waits for the dust to settle and then damns whoever’s left standing at the end. His battles are always fought by proxy via well-groomed, smug evangelistic types. So the real battle would take place between Calvin, Green Lantern and a young Bible student whose only power is to quote relevant Scriptural passages. Five seconds into the melee, there’d be a Bible-flavored smear on the nearest wall.

Ordinarily the identity of the Green Lantern in question would be a critical factor in determining the victor of such a battle; Hal Jordan probably would have the best chance, given that he’s already proven himself capable of seizing control of the Universe. However, even such power would be of no avail against Calvin, who (as depicted on the back windows of redneck pickups everywhere) posesses the unique ability to defeat any imaginable foe by urinating on them. Even Green Lantern would have no defense against this “yellow.”

After the battle, Chick’s God would materialize to pass judgement on Calvin, condemning him to eternity in Hell for not accepting Jesus as his personal Savior. And then Calvin would urinate on him.

No, ChickGod, after realizing his legion is doomed, would enter the fray and kill Green lantern, not suspecting calvin is omnipotent until no one can see him. then, they wait for eternity, waiting for each other to drop their guard…
Haven’t I told everyone that already?!

The people, that’s who’d win. The fans.

Calvin would win. That’s 'cause the other two are fictional…

Tracer Bullet would get the drop on them all, spraying the combatants with .38 “Dum dums” fired from a revolver that’s had it’s serial numbers filed off.

Plus, the Chickgod has an obvious weekness…his face, or rather, his lack thereof. Even assuming that he could breathe and speak using a stoma, he still has no eyes or ears. Plus, as Chick has depicted him, God is obviously an emotionally unstable psychopath.

That begs the question…what happens if you kill God? Is it like in the westerns, where you get to take the badge off the corpse of the evil corrupt Marshall, and thereby become the new Lawman yourself?

There is a comic book series that dealt with this very subject, although just revealing it might be a SPOILER…


Preacher, by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon.

God? But you forget, Calvin is one of the old Gods! He demands sacrifice!

It wouldn’t matter if John Calvin had god on his side or not, since the outcome of the fight would have been predestined :wink:

yes but God is older!

Instead of sacrifice, he wants to cause as much death as possible!

Remember, Calvin can call up multiple Calvins, transform himself into anything, has three good friends in Stupendous Man, Spaceman Spiff, and Tracer Bullet, can travel on a flying carpet and through time, has the ability to make himself a genius temporaraly, and, of course, there’s always Hobbes.

Calvin will win, hands down.