Whom would you recommend for webhosting?

I’m finally making a website to post my resume and animation reel.
I need to be able to post video clips in a variety of formats.
I’ve gotten opinions from friends and coworkers, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask y’all.
Who, what, where, and how much?


$75 per year (or $6.95 monthly). 2GB storage, 100GB bandwidth, 20 POP3 mailboxes, 200 E-mail forwarding names, etc. Check the page for all the goodies.

Your domain registraion is included in that cost! And you own the domain. They’re extremely fair, and very reliable.

I have 4 sites hosted with them (one for the last 5 years) and wouldn’t use anyone else.

I can also recommend Site5. Great support and good pricing. The $7/mo plan will get you 10Gb of space and 200Gb transfer (plenty of space for video).

Dreamhost is a really great value ($8/mo for 20Gb, 1Tb transfer, but they’re certainly not as reliable.

I’ve had nothing but good things from www.hostica.com – there are variety of plans ranging from $1/mo to $15/mo or more, depending on what you need. Easy to switch between plans too.

We had one of these recently, so I’m going to pop up again and recommend MyMarkdown.com.

And not just because they have an affiliate program that pays me a commission, either. :smiley:

Thanks all for the advice.
I decided to use TigerTech.
I’ll let you know when my nifty, nifty site is ready for viewing.