Whoo Hoo 18 years old and I Survived :)

In your face dad you said I never make it. You bet me I kill myself by now, but I don’t thing so!! So pay up.

And now I’ll explain my self so here are some career highlights of my first 18years of life.

Over 500 stitches,
17 broken bones,
Hit by 3 cars,
Fell down the stairs at home 7 times,
And hit in the head by metal objects 13 times. (Explains a lot)

But It haven’t been all fun and games, their was the time the state was going to take me away after the emergence room doctor got tired of seeing me. Not really his fault there was a good stretch in there were I was their almost weekly and they have to report that many visits.

So their I am with my mom and she trying to explain all the different incidents in the file from the doctor and it’s not going well as she tell him how clumsy I am, and how I am falling down all the time and things are falling on me. As you can guess these responses do not impress him. However my singular gift came through in the clutch. I was there while she was explaining all this and he finally asked me to leave so they could talk. So while I was getting up (and I did not do this on purpose) my leg got caught in the leg of the chair. So I end up falling hitting my head on the corner of his desk and busting it open. And since I am still stuck in the chair I spin around while falling after hitting my head and land on my arm, snap and broke it.

And then my mom tells him while I laying their see I told he was a :wally
(Not exactly those word but something close)

This is my favorite of all the stories I have except maybe the time I put a hatchet in my left shin but that’s another story for another time.

I probably a big reason the parents have grey hair now, So HA he kept telling me I’d never make it, but here I am :cool:

And now that I have ruined any chance of getting any respect on this board I say anyone need a roommate.

Okay, that’s one of the funnier OP’s I’ve read in a long time. So, if you don’t survive until your next post, congratulations. :smiley:

17 broken bones?!

How did those happen?

Hey learn to ski must be a great experience for you.


I managed all that in ONE WEEKEND in Tijuana.

Admittedly, I was over eighteen at the time…

I think I’m your opposite. I’ve had stitches twice, and once was for surgery for something totally not my fault. No sprains, no strains, no breaks, etc.

But I bet you have some funky scars:D

Congrats, man.

I just made it to 18 a few months ago with 30 stitches fresh in my face, but I guess I just can’t compete with the likes of you.

I’m sorry, but that’s one of the funniest stories I’ve ever read. Excuse me while I get up and walk around a bit to relieve the cramps in my chest.

I didnt break them all at once but that was the total number over the years. as you can see I broke one of them in the CPS office. The most I broke at one time was 4. both my legs and my arm in two places falling down a hill. It’s gotten better as I got older most of it happen from about 7-11 years old.

As far as scars go I have some I am not even sure were they came from. but I have some good ones, of course there less impressed once I tell them were they came from.

Aw, p’shaw. T’aint nuttin.

Typical kid-stuff.

If there had been CPS type folks around when we were kids (cue old-fart voice here) why most of us wouldn’t have ever seen our parents after the age of eight.

It is a funny post though. :smiley:

Just a thought…
to quote a thing I saw recently…
that seems to apply…

If at first you don’t succeed…
Skydiving is Not your sport…

just a thought…