Whoohoo! I'm going to USC!

I got my acceptance letter to the University of Southern California yesterday, and starting fall 2005 I will be a proud Trojan!

I would like to thank the California Community College system for allowing someone who stopped schooling after High School to return 5 years later, and resume school.
I would like to thank Golden West College in Huntington Beach for being an all around kick butt school. I would like to thank the admissions staff at USC for being so helpfull. And finally, I would like to thank my wonderful husband, without which none of this would be possible. He has made sacrafices so I could go back to school, and as soon as I graduate and get a good job, I plan on sending him back to school for what he wants to do!

Now that the self congratulatory, cliched, thank you speech is over, who here has gone to USC? Any engineers? My major is going to be Environmental Engineering, and I can’t to get into the real meaty classes that aren’t offered at the college I attend.

Got rejected by UCLA, huh? :wink:

Oops, I meant to offer a hearty congratulations, too. Good job!

Congratulations Jeeves! I too just got accepted to college although I’m going to be at Penn State for Electro-Mechanical Engineering. Of course this would have been a bigger deal to me if it had been 9 years ago when I actually graduated high school, but better late than never I always say. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? It’s time to take over the world!

(Jingling car keys)

[/Classic Cal taunting of the University of Spoiled Children mode OFF]

But seriously congrats. Way to go.

My older brother, the God of Introvertedness, went to USC Law School. From the few syllables he later uttered, I’m fairly sure that he loved it. When our parents visited, my mom spoke of the gorgeous campus, the unbelievable libraries, and the general sense of way cool.

Good on ya for making it back to college!

Huzzah! Three chears for Jeeves!

Chears being much better than cheers, you see…

Sweet. I’ve dreamed of going to USC for further undergraduate work, but I can’t afford it. :frowning:

Plus, I’d have to live in California. :smiley:


I forgot to say congratulations! What a marroon.

Sincere congrats on your good fortune!

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

:: pause ::


Thank you so much everyone! I never really thought that I would get in, so now I kinda have to scramble to arrange funding. But even if I have to take out the entire first year in loans, it will be worth it. Or thats what I tell myself :slight_smile: The campus is beautiful, the staff is extremely friendly, and the reputation and contacts you make there are great. My other option was University of California, Irvine, and I just expected to go there. I am so freaking stoked now! And as for UCLA, they don’t have an ABET accredited Environmental Engineering. And they suck :wink: .


I wanted to go to USC ever since I was in Junior High, but my crappy grades and all-around miserable school experience prevented me. So I went to community college for three years, where I taught myself how to be a good student, then transfered to the aforementioned University of California, Irvine, and graduated with honors and two BAs three years later.

I’m now a grad student at USC and lovin’ (nearly) every minute of it. Well, okay, so right now it’s summer vacation and I’m soaking in slackerdom, but you know what I mean.

UCI and USC are like night and day in many ways, incidentally. At UCI there’s little to do outside of classes, especially if you don’t have a car (which is pretty much required in Irvine), and the campus is a wasteland when it’s not mid-day on a weekday. USC has much more options (although it’s far from Irvine’s recent “#1 Safest City in America” title) and people actually hang out on campus on the weekends of their own free will! Oh, and there’s bikes. Many many bikes. Try not to get run over.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that with recent budget problems, this is a very very good time to be in a private university, rather than a public one. It’s a shame, really. :frowning:


I went there, but in English, so I"m no help in that regard.