Whoopie Goldberg's real name?

Has it ever been mentioned what Whoopie Goldberg’s real name is? Maybe some SDoper has the SD. - Jinx


According to the IMDb, it’s Caryn Elaine Johnson. Any reason to believe that’s not true?

No reason. I’ve known it was Caryn Johnson for years and from a variety of sources. She hasn’t made a secret out of her real name.

Wait a minute. She’s NOT Jewish? WTF? :confused:

Funny, she sure looks Jewish.

I thought her real name was Marian Morrison.

No, you’re thinking of Marian Morrison. :wink:

Okay, this was the funniest thing I’ve read all day today.

(By the way, the funniest thing yesterday was pinkfreud’s perfect comedic timing in Post #10 of this thread. The funniest thing I read the day before yesterday was… I can’t remember that far back.)

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For the ten millionth billionth time, the ads you see are not necessarily the ones anyone else sees. The software uses a variety of determiners to generate the ads. The content of the thread itself appears to have only a slight positive correlation to the ads you see.

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