Who's a doper in the DC / NVa / MD area?

I am. Who else?

Annapolis. Says so in the corner.


I am. Incidentally, we used to have a lot of Dopefests in the Mid-Atlantic area (which was basically an extension of the D.C. and Baltimore metropolitan area). We called ourselves MADopers. I miss those get-togethers.

I am.

Another MADoper checking in.

You’ll find me residing in St. Mary’s County.


Me too, as Location indicates -->

I don’t think that living in Charlottesville strictly qualifies as part of Northern Virginia, but I’m certainly in the neighborhood.

I’m around the corner and through the woods from FCM.

I’m a longtime lurking Doper who can be found in Herndon, VA, a few months a year when I not traveling.

Baltimore/Washington Doper, and former attendee of MADoper gatherings.

Washington County MD

NoVA Doper checking in.

Northeast corner of your target area.


Montgomery County checking in.

Anyone interested in a meet up? I recommend the Rocklands in Alexandria as a venue … ?

NoVA doper here.