Who's buying a Nintendo Wii now?

From Engadget:
[li]Launch date: November 19th for $250[/li][li]Includes one set of controllers (remote and nunchuk), all the cables, and Wii Sports compilation[/li][li]Wii Sports consists of golf, tennis, baseball (home run derby), bowling, and boxing[/li][li]First-party (Nintendo) games will cost $50[/li][li]Approximately 15 games will be available on launch day, with a total of 30 games by the end of the launch window (March 31, 2007)[/li][li]30 Virtual Console games will be available in the launch window, with 10 more per month afterward[/li][li]$5 for NES games, $8 for Super Nintendo games, $10 for Nintendo 64 games[/li][li]Additional remote controllers are $40, and nunchuk attachments for $20[/li][li]The Wii will also have non-gaming “channels”: photo viewer, weather, news, and email/messaging/notes[/li][/ul]

I admit I was hoping for a $200 price tag (for $250 there should be two controllers in the box). As it is, I’m still interested, but might wait until after the holidays and the inevitable price drop before getting one.

What about you?

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