Who's getting laid BECAUSE of the SDMB?

There was a thread recently that asked who was getting laid by a doper.

I’m interested in knowing who’s getting laid by a doper . . .

A doper they met on the SDMB, but someone they introduced to the SDMB.

In other words, who met their current SO (or former SO or one-nighter or whatever) through the SDMB and is now populating the earth? Inquiring minds want to know.

I’ll start off by saying that I am not.

I have to say that I am not getting laid at all, much less by a doper. :frowning:

Pardon me if I ask one question, Huh?

UncleBeer asked:

“A doper they met on the SDMB, but someone they introduced to the SDMB.”

Oh, big big mistake . . .

but=NOT. As in, you were not getting laid by this person before they got to the straight dope. Hence if I met someone (not on the SDMB) and introduced them to the SDMB, then at some point began the horizontal waltz, that wouldn’t count.

I think we have one married couple on here who met on the SDMB, but I don’t know who and I don’t want to speculate.

Why do you think I became a moderator? :smiley: It’s better than a Porsche, I tell ya!

Hmmm… it would seem like a real crapshoot to actually hook up and get laid by another doper… or maybe that’s just unpopular ol’ jubei talking…

still, it’s fun to think about, eh?

jubei2k said:

“still, it’s fun to think about, eh?”

Thus why I brought it up! Also I am a teenager, so naturally (stereotype coming) all I ever thin about is sex. Everything is about sex. So naturally, as I’ve never had it, I want to talk about it. And read about it. And lots of other stuff.

If you were getting laid by a doper, that doper would be getting laid by a doper. Thus, it should be: "what dopers are getting laid.’

Who’s getting laid because of the SDMB?

(snort) Excuse me, I need to, uh, (chortle) give my goldfish some fresh water. Yeah, that’s it. I’ll (snicker) be right back.

(Exit neuro-trash grrrl. Sounds of hysterical laughter from next room.)

<If you were getting laid by a doper, that doper would be getting laid by a doper. Thus, it should be: "what dopers are getting laid.’>

You and your semantics, handy. See if I ever invite YOU to . . . well, you get the idea.

To repose the question and avoid little loopholes: What doper (1st doper) is currently being laid by a fellow doper whom 1st doper met on SDMB first. I.E. meeting sue in a restaurant, then inviting her to the SDMB, then screwing her don’t count. Hope that clears up the confusion.

neuro-trash grrrl: What can you do with a goldfish that won’t leave you smelling like [ahem] dead fish?

Damnit, this thread is so uninteresting. The one about unrequited love interests is fun. The one about kinky fantasies is fun. Why can’t MY thread be like them?

huh, doper sex, that sounds kinda scary! :smiley:

BTW, i’d think that there is probably a half dozen to a dozen people whom have met on this board, then decided to meet in person, then ended up in the sack (now don’t quote me on this).

I just realized that that sounded a lot kinkier than I intended…

And did you see complaint #1? :smiley:

No one gets laid on the internet. Didn’t you read the handbook?

The kinkier “you are” the more I like you. It’s one of those “win win” situations. :smiley:

Perhaps a better question is “Who’s NOT getting laid b/c of the SDMB”? I’m in here typing on the computer, my GF is blissfully snoozing in the other room. Whoever said this place is more addictive than crack got it right…


Is it just coincidence that SDMB = BDSM?

Well, I am NOT getting laid by a doper…spose I would like to but the opportunity has not presented it’s self.

There’s always Vegas.

< giggle >

Off the top of my head, I can think of 6 couples who have hooked up from this message board, and seem to be in solid relationships. I can also think of at least 4 different encounters between dopers that lead to some interesting stories… however, they’re not mine to tell.

Take a look around the boards - the couples that are together and happy aren’t afraid to share about it.

Is there really any point to this question?