Who's going to the Sasquatch Conference?

Don’t miss the Sasquatch Conference May 27-29th. Panel discussions, Bigfoot songs, and a FREE reception on Friday! If anyone goes, we need to know all about it!

Session topics include:
Current and future directions in Bigfoot research
Sex and the Single Sasquatch: Looking at the Biology of a Real Primate
Project Night Watch (Field Trip to Locations in Whatcom County where Vocalizations have been heard along with numerous sightings)
Kinematics & Ichnology

It sounds like a lot of fun, but is too far away for me to go to. I would find it entertaining, I’m sure.

I’d kill to go, but I can’t get down south in time. It sounds really awesome, though. :slight_smile:

I don’t think killing would get you in; they want money. :wink:

I have really big feet, so I’ve been called Bigfoot. I’m not a Sasquatch, though, so I guess I can’t go.

Does Yeticus Rex know about this? :smiley:

I would attend the Sasquatch Conference, but IANAS.

I Am Not A Sasquatch.

Bosda, are you sure you’re not a Sasquatch? You might have a little Sasquatch blood in you. For more info, I think you need to attend the session on “Sex and the Single Sasquatch.” It might shed some light on your possible Sasquatch ancestry.

Geez, I can’t believe no one is going to this thing. The Straight Dope has let me down. :frowning:

As a person with hair on his back, no.

I pictured the Sasquatch/Yeti/Bigfoot convention in Sam & Max Hit The Road. :smiley: Sam & Max had to put on a bigfoot disguise to get in.

Maybe somebody could nick a Chewbacca suit from today’s ROTS premiere to sneak in?


No, but a little mermaid has some of me, in her.

That Ariel! What a slut.

Bosda, I think you’re fibbing a little. Everybody knows Ariel has fish genitalia! It’s physically impossible. I think you should stick with the sasquatches.

Well, dear. I guess, since it is in my hometown, I should GO to this conference. If only to make you happy. But the thing is, I figure that if Sasquatch exist, they must want to be left alone. I mean, if they wanted anyone to take an interest in them, wouldn’t they have announced themselves by now? Joined the Straight Dope so they could fight Sasquatch ignorance? Walked into Poppe’s and ordered a martini or something?

And…I’d hate to be rude by noticing them when they vant to be alooooone.

Besides, I’m almost sure I feel a headache coming on that day. A migraine, maybe? Those migraines can last ALLLLL weekend, you know? :smiley:

Rats. I was really hoping someone would go and tell me all about, because I can’t go. I do like the image of Sasquatches sitting around in their private club, sipping martinis and chatting in posh accents.

I’m surprised no one’s said anything about the episode of the Simpsons where they get lost in the woods, and everyone thinks Homer is Bigfoot. One of their most brilliant episodes ever–I laugh like a loon every time I see it.