Who's going to win the Men's U.S. Open final today?

After a depressingly bad Women’s final yesterday, things today in the men’s final should prove interesting. It’s Sampras vs. Hewitt.

Sampras will win in straight sets.

Both want it bad, but only Andre can beat Pete when he plays his best game, and that is only half the time. I think Pete will “show up” today and play his heart out. Poor Hewitt. Last year, Semifinal. This year, Final. Maybe next year, Champion. Pete wants to prove he can still win a tournament other than Wimbledon(which he ironicaly lost this year).

Here’s another, more minor question. Sampras has held 85 straight service games this tournament. Will Hewitt break him? Neither Patrick, Andre, or Marat did.

Nobody can pass like Hewitt. When Sampress goes to the net Hewitt’s gonna rip it by him every time.

Hewitt, 4 sets.

Eat your words :smiley:

Has Sampras ever been so completely steamrolled in a Grand Slam final?

Having stomped on Kafelnikov in the semi-final as well, you’d have to say the kid’s got some talent.

Even Leyton’s Mum wouldn’t have believed he could have won the semifinal and final of a grand slam and dropped only 12 games in total.


Dude, he got worked even worse last year in the final against Marat Safin.
I’m not eating my words. When Sampras plays his best, he can’t be beat. When he plays like that, he can.

I was wrong, though. I thought the same Sampras that beat Rafter, Agasi, and Safin would show up. No, the one who lost to Safin last year did.

This match was still way better than the women’s final. The first set was a tie-breaker, remember.