Who's Gonna Play Johnny Cash?

Nobody better even try.

He’s bigger than life, and always will be.

“And do engines get rewarded for their steam?, I ain’t seen it!..”

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[sub]Re: Who’s gonna’ play Johnny Cash[/sub]

This one should be easy:

Ugly old dude (check)

Owns guitar (check)

Knows lyrics (check)

Done deal: Quasimodem plays Johnny Cash.

Ten years ago on a cold, dark night
A man was killed beneath the town hall light
Few were there but they all did agree
That the slayer who ran looked a lot like me

She walks these hills in a long black veil…

I’m not tall enough, you little shit! :smiley:

(I wrote that with a hug built in, so don’t get your Pampers in a wad, okay?) :smiley:

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I know they would mean well, but I better not ever hear of John Cash impersonators. Leave him alone!


Joaquin Phoenix is supposed to




I bet Chris Cooper could pull it off.

Judging by how many albums the man sold, I’d have to say that many millions of people are gonna play Johnny Cash. :slight_smile:

Why are you quoting a Lefty Frizzell song?

Chris Isaac would be good

Keep in mind that the Phoenix rumor is about six months old. I haven’t heard anything about it since then (didn’t hear it at the time either).

IMDB lists it, stating it was last updated August 27th.

I always play “Burning Ring of Fire” when I serve my Habanero salsa.

Does that count?

I think Chris Cooper would be pretty good.

Is this a whoosh? Long Black Veil is a classic folk song, recorded by just about everyone.

Maybe this is a longshot, but what about Wes Studi?

I could see Kurt Russell pulling off a good Johnny Cash.

Sorry, y’all, but he lived such an interesting life, I don’t think anyone could get it right.

Anybody else feel this way about your heroes? You don’t want them or your memories of them effed with?

I feel the same way about John Wayne. Yeah, he wasn’t your consummate actor and he tended to play John Wayne, but I liked the parts he played.

I also would like to apologize for this thread. It borders on trolling, and I hate that shit. I’d appreciate it if it were closed.


Actually, not mentioned here, but Tom Wopat would be a great choice.