Who's the best poster you disagree with?

I’m looking mainly for the best right-wing posters, because right-wing posters are the ones who’s opinions I tend to disagree with the most. By best I mean most intelligent, knowledgeable, eloquent etc etc. You can put whatever adjective your prefer to it, but basically the one you’re most likely to stop to read thinking “I better read his post, he might have some really good arguments, heck, he might even be right!”. A guy whose opinion you respect, but don’t share.

But so that I don’t leave out the right-wing posters, I’d like to know the same from your perspective. I’d find that interesting too, and maybe helpful as well.

If you don’t want to admit you like this person in public, you can PM me (and I can post it for you if you like).

Dio the Cynic.

*whose opinions



He gets a lot of hate around here, and has a bad habit of citing shaky sources at times, but Sam Stone is smart, well-educated and forms good arguments.

Often, I find that his argument is ignored while the thread dissolves into snarkiness and thinly-veiled attacks.

I also like **Bricker **and Shodan - good arguments and usually bring something thought-provoking to the table.

I guess that makes me one of the “right-wing” around here ::rolleyes::

I admit that even sven sometimes makes good points.

I can’t remember the last time Shodan made an argument much less a good one. As far as I can tell he gave up years ago. Now he shows up in most political threads after about 8 -10 posts, and takes a big dump.


Bricker and Sam Stone. Though Sam Stone has seemed a lot more biased lately, and Bricker’s “juris uber alles” schtick can get really frustrating, they are both valuable members of the community.

Richard Parker. He’s almost always infuriatingly correct. He doesn’t dodge inconvenient arguments, but addresses them and demolishes them – or concedes their strengths and distinguishes them. I don’t agree with him politically at all. I have (only semi-jokingly) called him the most dangerous poster on these boards precisely because of his ability to shred my points. He must be stopped at all costs.

Diogenes gets an honorable mention, with an asterisk in the record book. When he’s in “bring the facts” mode, he’s a wealth of information with a socially liberal lean to his views. If I could figure out a way to turn off his other mode of “I will stand by what I said until they pry it from my cold, dead, tongue,” he’d be the second-most dangerous poster.

Left Hand of Dorkness and Maxthe Vool: strong arguments. Jas09 - kind of a newly-active poster from my perspective, but an excellent debater. DSeid is not a liberal’s liberal, but deserves mention for even-handed debate and analysis.

And six more I’ll think of after the five-minute edit window is elapsed.

Bricker on one hand, and Diogenes on the other. I rarely agree with either of them, but they both bring up points I hadn’t thought of.

Bricker and Sam Stone, though I would hesitate to describe either as “right wing”. They’re conservatives, not reactionaries.

Adding to the pile-on: Bricker and Sam Stone. Their posts are always well-reasoned, well-researched, concise and precise. They’re usually wrong, of course, but that doesn’t negate the presentation or argumentation. :smiley:

Yeah, Bricker’s arguments are usually brilliant, even when I disagree with him. I especially like when he brings out the legal arguments, because even when I don’t like the state of the law I concede he makes good points.

Exactly. I’d offer up Magiver and xtisme as alternatives.


John Mace is a conservative, but he’s one of the most fair-and-balance (ha!) ones out there. Actually, maybe I shouldn’t even mention him. We often tend to agree on things more than we disagree, though we might be agreeing for different reasons.

xtisme can be kinda cool.

And that’s about it, off the top of my mind. Most of the vocal conservatives that post in GD frequently are either 1) very judgemental and given to black-and-white thinking, 2) tend to argue the picuayne (like they’ll divert a debate into a discussion of semantics, till everyone is just too tired to return to the big picture, or 3) don’t even bother to bring facts or substance with them and end up becoming a broken record of jibberish.

That’s not to say that there aren’t some liberal posters here (they tend to have “Ds” in their usernames ;)) that do that too. But because this board has more liberal posters, there’s a good selection to choose from.

But I do appreciate the conservatives that have some modicum of intelligence, because otherwise GD would be extremely boring.

John is pretty issues-based rather than partisan. I think he comes off as conservative because he tends to step on factless caterwauling pretty hard, and such caterwauling comes from lefties pretty often by sheer dint of numbers.

Another vote for Dio.

Captain Amazing.