Who's The Boss - Billy?

My local UPN affiliate shows Who’s The Boss? episodes at 8 and 8:30 AM, at which point I’m usually half-awake and so I end up watching them instead of something productive, like the news or cartoons.

I was on vacation recently, and I missed the story arc that introduced [del]Cousin Oliver[/del] Billy, the five-year-old “our boy.” I checked Wikipedia’s entry on Who’s The Boss?, but to no avail. Can someone explain how Billy landed in Tony Micelli’s lap, and why he and Angela consider him “theirs?”

if i remember correct, billy was a young cousin or nephew of Tony Micellis’ someting happened to his folks and that old lady who Tony hung out with from Brooklyn took him to live with Tony

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according to this site

He was a neighbor of the old lady who is named Mrs. Rossini