Who's to blame for war? Bush rhetoric.

Just a few recollections from the speech last night

The president needs some new scriptwriters.
The president’s rhetoric is that Saddam Hussein is to blame.

If I dare you to cross a line, you cross it, and I punch you, who’s fault is it that I punched you?

His rhetoric is that the honorable thing for Iraqi soldiers to do is not to resist.

Would he expect U.S. soldiers to consider it honorable to lay down their arms?

His rhetoric is that the military campaign will be against Saddam Hussein.

But his bombs will be landing on other, innocent, people.

His rhetoric is that time has run out.

But he gives no compelling reason why now is the time.

His rhetoric is that he knows of WMD.

But doesn’t explain how he can know this when the inspectors can’t find it. Is hy lying? Or withholding evidence from the inspectors? Or are they lying or incompetent?
A paragraph by paragraph anaylsis gives no indication of “why now?” I want to believe there is a non-political reason for this impending massacre, but so far, I have none. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but I’ve yet to see a reason not to think the tail wags the dog.

Talk about abusing rhetoric…

If it’s against the law to cross the line, you cross it, and a cop arrests you, is it the cop’s fault that you were arrested?

US soldiers aren’t fighting on the side of a brutal, homicidal dictator that drops men into shredders, rapes women, and kills his political opponents. As Bush said, it’s a dying regime that isn’t worth their lives. Do you think that applies to the US?

Bush’s bombs will be landing on military targets that defend Saddam Hussein and his regime. If you have evidence otherwise, please feel free to share it with the group.

The purpose of his speech wasn’t to lay out the evidence that Saddam has WMD. If you’re looking for evidence, I’d suggest you read Powell’s presentation to the UN, or better yet, Blix’s report. Although based on your “reading” of Bush’s speech, I doubt you’ll be able to find anything there either.

Why not try reading the speech, rather than coughing up tired old rhetoric:

The only way you could have avoided seeing any indication of “why now?” is if you’d not seen or read his speech. So are you witholding evidence, lying, or incompetent?

SH claims to be obeying the law. There’s no proof he’s not. The DA isn’t interested in prosecuting. The cop wants to be judge, jury, and executioner. I think the sanctions and inspections constitute an arrest and we’re the cop who’ll beat you up if you don’t confess.

I don’t, but if a US soldier did, would anyone think they were honorable for deserting? They have an obligation to defend their country from an invasion. From their perspective, they are protecting their families from an invader-- unless you expect them to trust the US government for some reason. We haven’t given them much reason to do that.

BTW, the regime would apparently be in fine form if not for us.

There are targets near residential areas. If you believe that no innocent civilians will die, I believe you are deceiving yourself.

If you have evidence that SH is hiding WMD from the inspectors, feel free to share it with the group.

Bush claimed in the speech:
"Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised. "

Is he lying? Or withholding evidence from the inspectors? Or are they lying or incompetent?

I watched the whole thing.

Do you have a why now??

Here’s the closest Bush comes:

"We are now acting because the risks of inaction would be far greater. In one year, or five years, the power of Iraq to inflict harm on all free nations would be multiplied many times over. With these capabilities, Saddam Hussein and his terrorist allies could choose the moment of deadly conflict when they are strongest. We choose to meet that threat now where it arises, before it can appear suddenly in our skies and cities. " Emphasis mine.

I see no reason why today is the time of action. Do you?

Are you accusing me of lying or incompetence based on not seeing a ‘now’ in that? If so, you’d better find one yourself, or you’re calling yourself one or the other.