Who's your favorite Grade C celeb?

CBS’s *Gameshow Marathon* offers a nice selection: Ricki Lake, Lance Bass, Baige Davis, Tim Meadows, Kathy Najimy, Leslie Nielsen, and Brande Roderick. (The last is an alum of Baywatch Hawaii. The others, I must admit, are all familiar to me.)

I’m just glad celebrity “reality” shows and competitions like this and my beloved Dancing with the Stars are providing employment opportunities unmatched since the heyday of Love Boat.

Excuse me? That man is a bloody hero!

I was a little surprised to see him on Celebrity Gameshow – but there he is, so Grade C, QED.

Kathy Najimy would be my favorite, always wished better for her somehow.

Does Sandra Bernhard count as C-list? She fascinates me in a trainwreck sorta way.


I pity the fool who don’t pick Mr. T! The poor guy has cancer, but God bless him, he still does his job well (and his job is playing his tough-guy character). I just saw him in a Hanes magazine ad today. The guy may not have had a real job since The A-Team was cancelled, but he’s still going strong for a washed-up celeb.

How about Gilbert Gottfried? He made a couple of cameos on the Let’s Make a Deal segment on Gameshow Marathon the other night – surely that’s worth something.

Tia Carrer - still Baberaham Lincoln after all these years.

Not to mention the voice of the AFLAC duck. AFLAC!

He’s not very active any more, but I have a soft spot for Gary Collins. Never a star, he was content to play the opposing counselor in legal shows, the guy who wasn’t the killer in mysteries, and host a beauty pageant or minor parade.

He always came off with the attitude that it was an honor just to be asked – and paid. Along the way, he also married a former Miss America.

That’s a good one. I remember playing a CD-ROM sci-fi game with her on my Macintosh in the early 90’s, thinking “Yeah, this will be the last thing I ever see her in.”

Jeff Gillooly. . .synergist of a mobland kneecapping and women’s figure skating. Just awesome.

Only potential disqualifier from this thread: he might be more like Grade D

Jen Tilly

Is Casper Van Dien (of StarShip Troopers fame) B List or C List? I like him because he shows up in lots and lots of low-budget sci-fi movies, and apparantly he’s not doing it because he needs the money (evidently the Van Diens are one of the richest families in the US).

Thus, I have to assume he shows up in all these cheezy, often quite bad sci-fi epics (Dracula 3000 anyone? :D) because he ENJOYS it. And it’s hard NOT to appreciate someone who enjoys their work. Also, if you play Wing Commander 4, you’ll note that he plays a guy who’s entire role in the game is to carry Mark Hamil’s duffel bag at the end of one scene. :slight_smile:

Heh, and apparantly there’s an adult actress who was a big enough fan to base her stage name off of Tia Carrere’s.

William Shatner. Although, since he got his Emmy, maybe he’s worked his way up to Grade B…?


Yeah, actually I think anyone who’s starring regularly on a prime-time show is automatically at least a B. We’re talking about the pool of people who they go to for guest shots. You know, you hear the name and think “Damn, I haven’t thought of that person in years…”

Before I offer any nominees, one question: Do they have to be still alive?

Yes, for the current discussion – we could start a Hall of Fame for posthumous inductees, though…

Decent if not small film career and a major role on a long running animated series (She’s Peg on King of the Hill) I think her career’s been pretty damn solid.